Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer #1 Review

19 Dec

Alrighty then, besides seeing the trailers for Amazing Spider-Man 2 and GodzillaDawn of the Planet of the Apes is the one film I’ve wanted to see a trailer for, for a long-ass time. I’ve literally been continuously asking myself, “When will the trailer actually come out? ” Well luckily the teaser came out this week so let’s talk about it!

But prior to that, have a look for yourselves below:

Okay so initial thoughts after seeing the teaser? Pretty cool, though, I wanted more apes. At least this trailer did more than the Interstellar teaser did. So what do we see in this trailer? Well there is a really dark and misty atmosphere, shit has happened, the human race are in a really bad place and are looking to possibly go to war and the apes are in the forest ready for battle. Interesting stuff yo.

This teaser heavily emphasizes the humans and their struggle as you can hear from the beginning from the voice over from Gary Oldman (who looks and sounds very much like Commissioner Gordon from the Chris Nolan Batman films), he speaks of the troubles of the humans, how they’ve struggled, had some shit go down for 4 years and how they’re gonna band together to take back their land. There are shots of the forest and some city locations, it’s all run-down and looks like things have happened. Gary Oldman looks cool, some random shots of people happen and we see Jason Clarke (this film’s new leading human) walking into the forest and shouts “I need to speak to Caesar.” Then we get a look at Caesar in the trees looking all badass along with the rest of his comrades, just waiting to give the go ahead and as soon as that arm drops, the apes spring into action as the trailer ends.

The teaser seems cool and shows that there’s been a lot of time that’s pasted and many developments for the humans, I just wish there was more time for the apes, this is after all their film. Especially all the build up in the last film. I guess their still working on the special effects so I shouldn’t expect too much apes at this point but I just wanted to see more of Caesar because he’s my boy and he’s badass!


So what did you think of the teaser? Sound off your comments below. 🙂


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