Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Well” SUPER LATE Review

29 Nov

Howdy ladies and gents, time for my late review of episode 8 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entitled “The Well”  Before we begin this review I wish to again apologize for my lateness. I actually planned ahead and got all my reviews ready in advance, I was SO ready. But since I had uni stuff to take care of and a funeral to attend everything just went backwards. Anyways now its time to review the AoS episode that ties-in with Thor: The Dark World. So it is any good? Read on to hear my thoughts yo.


As usual in these reviews I’m just gonna present the plot and then say what I liked and what I didn’t like. Cool? Okay let’s keep going.

The Plot

In this episode Ward becomes exposed to a piece of an Asgardian staff, which causes his worst memory to resurface.


What I Liked

The main focus in this episode was Agent Grant Ward as we finally got to see inside that questionable head of his and finally see what makes his character so cold. Because of the Asgardian weapon known as the Berserker Staff, Ward got aggressive and that made him way more fun to watch. There have been episodes before where it’s highlighted Ward’s past in conversation, but in this episode we got to see what the deal was with his brother and how he couldn’t save him. It was a powerful and quite disturbing memory sequence. While I’m not sure if it makes his character any better, for me it made him a little more relatable. Also there was the conversation between Ward and Melinda May, where May reveals that she too saw something but the reason she was in control is because she sees her worst memory all the time. Not only is she scarred but she’s so in control of her emotions that she can fight through them. Hardcore.



The big major find this week was the Berserker Staff, an Asgardian weapon with immense power, but dangerous mental implications when you touch it. I liked the mythology behind it and what it did to people. And then there was the effects of what happens when you use it, man people get messed up! My favourite uses of it would be when Ward went all out took on all of those underground cult guys and then when May when one-on-one with that blonde chick and kicked her ass! While the choreography wasn’t anything too special, I love a good fight.

I also liked the addition of Peter MacNicol as Dr. Elliot Randolph, the first Asgardian outside of Thor to show up in the MCU! I thought his character was pretty interesting, funny and his backstory was cool too. We also got to move about a bit from London to Spain and it was a nice change of scenery. I liked the some of the dialogue in the episode as well, my favourite moment was when Skye and Melinda May are talking about how dreamy Thor was to Coulson, well Chris Hemsworth is handsome and I’ll admit that haha.


The last two scenes in the episode were pretty interesting and leaves a lot to think about like:

  1. May leaves the door open: As Ward and May go into their hotel rooms, May leaves hers open and after thinking for a bit Ward follows her in. Now obviously these two after work mates and they seem to respect each from what I’ve seen, however this scene suggests something much more than friends sharing a drink. I could be wrong, but I’ve seen enough films to see where scenes like that end up.
  2. Coulson’s nightmare: This is the first time we get to see part of Coulson’s recuperation in Tahiti. Seems like he recalls actually being there, but that line he’s been repeating came from the people there and the way the woman said it there, it went a little distorted and computerized. Bloody hell the way it ends is creepy

What I Disliked

As for the stuff I didn’t like, and man there was a lot. Firstly the tie-in with Thor: The Dark World and the Berserker Staff was SO wasted. I loved the mythology behind the staff and what it did to people and I feel that wasn’t properly delved into as much as I would have hoped. Also outside of the history behind Dr. Elliot Randolph, Grant Ward’s rage moments and the fight scenes, everything else in the episode was really boring. I didn’t care much for anyone else in this episode. The new cast members in that underground cult failed to make any form of an impression, they were bland and generic as hell.


In conclusion “The Well” was a decent episode with the highlights including Agents Ward’s haunting memories, his and May’s fight scenes and Peter MacNicol as the hidden Asgardian. I feel like this episode could have been so much better and loads of material was wasted, but it wasn’t a complete loss.

Rating: 7.5/10 (Had some interesting Asgard stuff and some cool moments with Agents Ward and May, but ultimately it was nothing special)

So what did you think of “The Well“? Whatever your thoughts drop them in the comments below and I’ll see ya again for episode 9! 😀

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