The Family Review

27 Nov

Alrighty then time for my review of The Family, a film I had heard a little bit about but had no intention of watching, but then was told to watch after my sister insisted on it. So after watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire I just into the next screening for this film with my whole family (it felt so random), so was it worth the watch? Read on and find out.

The story of the film involves the Manzonis, a Mafia family who is relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program, where they wish to change their lives and fit. However as they begin to try and integrate themselves into their new town things soon become challenging as their old habits die hard, then add to that there’s an old enemy tailing them wanting to exact revenge.

This story had a really interesting premise, anything to do with the Mafia is a story worth telling especially when you have conflict and family involved. Unfortunately the execution of the story isn’t as good. The story for the most part is okay but is kind of generic and leaves a lot to be desired and there’s not too many points in the film where it is unique enough to separate itself from other films that have done similar stories before. The film is funny though and stuff goes down it is great, but sometimes it takes too long to get to those points.


The cast is what really saves this film from being a complete disaster and while the performances aren’t anything overly memorable, they make certain characters worth watching and caring about to a degree.

Robert De Niro was pretty good as Fred Blake/Giovanni Manzoni, I thought his character was interesting considering his background and crazy temper. Michelle Pfeiffer was great as Maggie Blake, as the mother she was the voice of reason and probably the most level-headed of the family, however she did have her moments of frustration that made her a force to be reckoned with. I’m not sure if it’s wrong for me saying this, but there’s still part of me that finds Pfeiffer pretty hot. I think it might have something to do with her character’s personality being so fiery, sassy and aggressive when provoked. Loved it, so good. Tommy Lee Jones was fun as Robert Stansfield, Jones was pretty much doing his Jones like thing and to be honest it didn’t bother me, his role was good.


Then there’s Dianna Agron as Belle Blake. Firstly let me just say that this woman is gorgeous. Okay moving on. Argon as the daughter was a lady that acting pretty and innocent but when needed put people in their place. If I’m honest her character was the least interesting because of this annoying little subplot with her that goes on for a little too long and doesn’t have a very satisfying conclusion. John D’Leo as Warren Blake was my favourite of the children, as the son he played this foul-mouthed, super calculated dude who knew how to do big operations and plan ahead to get what he wanted. I loved D’Leo, his acting was fab and I loved how funny and smart he was. And besides some decent stuff from Jimmy Palumbo as Di Cicco and Domenick Lombardozzi as Caputo, the rest of the cast don’t really do that much to be memorable.

Dianna Agron and  John D'Leo star in Relativity Media's "The Family."

In conclusion The Family is a decent film with a lot of good humour and fun performances from the cast involved. However the film I don’t think could find the balance between seriousness and humour and since the plot moves at a slow pace at times its hard to be fully invested in without getting a bit bored. This film could have been so much more considering the premise involved but unfortunately its a bit lacklustre.

Rating: 6/10 (It’s fun but not as good as it should be)

So what did you think of The Family? Whatever your thoughts, stick them in the comments section below and I’ll see ya on the next film review yo. 😀

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One response to “The Family Review

  1. CMrok93

    November 27, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    Good review Curtis. It didn’t seem to know whether it wanted to be a full-on comedy, or a dark movie, with some bits and pieces of comedy thrown in there. Basically, it was a jumble between both of them, and not a very good one to say the least.


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