RoboCop (Reboot) Trailer #2 Review

07 Nov

Okay then, its trailer review time once again and today we’re gonna be talking about the second trailer for 2014’s RoboCop. Now I’ve actively stated before the first trailer that I didn’t want this film to come out and I wasn’t keen on the idea of a reboot at all considering how much fun the original was, but I was kind of surprised by the first trailer and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. That being said, I still wasn’t excited for the film at all. So now have a new trailer to watch, is it better than the last? Read on and find out my thoughts.

But first, check out the new trailer below:

Well this review is gonna be short, in truth this trailer is better than the last, but I’m still not excited for this film at all. As I said before this trailer is better than the last, I just think it was a lot better in pace, it had a better tone to it and I think it showed a bit more of its own identity in relation to original 1980’s film. Samuel L. Jackson was my favourite part of the trailer, his opening speech is cool and I think it really helps clarify a few things about the what the status of world is like in that future in the film. I also think its interesting how robots are being used as security in the future and stuff like that. But other than that I’m just seeing a RoboCop that’s black (still not keen on the colour change), scenes of action that don’t have anything really unique or exciting about them and story elements that might be interesting but seem a bit cliché.

I hate to sound so negative and cynical but I just don’t really care for this film. I’m not getting any “WOW” factor from this trailer or the last, so forgive me if I don’t fall in love with this film prior to seeing it. Now one thing I will always remember is that Dredd had absolutely terrible trailers but it ended up being pretty fun, so I’m not ruling this film out yet.


In conclusion RoboCop is definitely looking better and I’m sure I’ll watch it just to see how it fares to the original, but as of this moment in time, this film has yet to do anything that makes me overly excited for it and when you put it up against a lot of the other big films in 2014 it doesn’t really stand out that well. But hey if it turns out to be awesome then I’ll gladly eat my words.

So what do you think of the second RoboCop trailer? Are you more excited for the film than before or do you just not care? Whatever your thoughts drop them before and I’ll see ya later. 🙂


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2 responses to “RoboCop (Reboot) Trailer #2 Review

  1. kierontownend

    November 7, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    My expectations are getting a little lower every time something comes out regarding this film. I’m going to find it hard not comparing it to the original when it’s released.

    • Hypersonic55

      November 14, 2013 at 4:27 pm

      Indeed, this is a film I never wanted to be released and but hey its still happening, I’ll check it out for the sake of curiosity but I know I won’t like it.


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