Lazy Days Are Taking Over

03 Nov

Hello to all who may be reading this blog post, now its time for me to talk about the random stuff going on in my life or should I say that lack of it. Fact is I am lazy and since the summer that chilled out demeanour hasn’t left me just yet which isn’t doing me any favours when it comes to my uni work and social endeavours.

Lazy Times and Lazy Blogging

Yep, that’s me nearly all the time these days yo.

I think I should explain why I am in the position that I am. Let’s rewind back to summer, the season of the year where if you’re not in full-time work warrants you to be as chilled out and lazy as you want. For the last few years I’ve abused the lazy nature that the summer time gives me, this year was no different and to a degree it was one of my worst summer’s for being lazy. But then the uni season kicked in again at the end of September I’ve had to get back into work mode, but here’s the thing… I can’t do it.

You see summer had such a massive effect on me, that when we got given all our modules to start doing for this semester I just couldn’t get into the groove, those moments when you’re meant to go home and spend time developing your ideas and drawing (because I’m on an animation course), I’d much rather go to the cinema, play video games or sleep in until I can be arsed to rise from my bed. Point is I am back at uni where work has gotta be done and it’s not getting done because I’m totally in the wrong mindset.

Problem is I can’t shift it.


Now a lot people would just say, “Get off your lazy ass and do something!” and believe me I would like to, but I’m a guy that needs a hell of a lot of motivation to get myself in check. I normally work off of a goal or need some killer inspiration to get myself in a creative mood and right now in life I haven’t found that groove.

So to conclude I hope I find that creative spark sometime soon because I am a third year student and final projects don’t do themselves. 😛 Until next time people, thanks for reading and I’ll catch ya later!

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