New Captain America 2 Poster Online, With Trailer To Follow On Thursday!

22 Oct

Howdy people of the interweb, time to report on some Marvel film-related news and today we have our first proper poster for the next Captain America film, Captain America: The Winter SoldierThe following miniature info comes from ComicBookMovies:


“In tune with the international release of Thor: The Dark World, whose red carpet premiere is in London today, Marvel has released a brand-spanking new Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster in anticipation of the first official trailer! While the teaser will debut this Thursday, co-director Joe Russo recently described the sequel “very emotional for a Marvel film.” He added, “It allows us to care about Steve Rogers as a character. So when there is jeopardy we’re on-board with him.” Anyhow, check out the awesome poster below and the teaser trailer in just two days! “

ukz3Man that is a pretty cool poster, just from the look of this poster I can tell that this a totally different kind of beast to the first film and that is something I welcome whole-heartedly. Looks like Steve Rogers/Cap is standing inside one of those S.H.I.E.L.D. jets getting ready to jump out. You can see the Helicarrier in the background towards the left along with a flying jet and below that I think that’s a shot of Washington DC with the monument there in clear sight so something tells me that there will definitely be some government and politics involved and that makes me well excited. I like the way the poster is framed and the lighting too, it just looks badass and shows that this is a serious situation with only one guy who can take it on (while the rest of the Avengers are off doing other stuff).

Now I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, CA: The First Avenger is decent, but it wasn’t nearly as original, cool or unique as say Iron Man or Thor in my opinion and all the action was in montage! And that’s no good! But with this sequel it sounds like everything is in place for a much better sequel, there are clear references being taken from The Avengers, the scope of this film feels bigger and more international than the last and this whole spy/political thriller that the filmmakers are making this film out to be just excites me to no end.

Alrighty then, so what do you think of the poster? Drop them in the comments below and join me for my review of the  CA: The Winter Solider easer trailer review on Thursday! Laters! 😀

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