Kingdom Hearts III – D23 Expo Japan Trailer Review

19 Oct

Howdy ladies and gents, time for another trailer review and this one is SEVERELY LATE I know, but as a fan of Kingdom Hearts I could not ignore the gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts III that was shown at the D23 a good few days ago. So yeah let’s talk about this footage.


Here’s the trailer below:

Firstly let me just say this… HOLY MACKEREL! HOW GOOD DOES THIS GAME LOOK!?! The frigging graphics are INSANE! IN-FRIGGING-SANE! There is an awesome fluidity to the animation from the character models to the summon attacks and the enemies and what’s even more lovely is that the art direction hasn’t been lost, it still looks like KH but just on a whole new shiny level! What we see in this trailer is three different areas of gameplay: basic ground combat, a possible summon move involving a pirate ship and a massive monster fight while on a train. And it all looks pretty kick ass!

So the trailer start off with Sora, Donald and Goofy taking on the same familiar Heartless that they’ve been fighting since the first entry in the series and Sora’s cutting them up, burning them with fire and then he has some cool move when his Keyblade changes into two guns and he starts shooting the Heartless which is definitely an interesting change in terms of gameplay. What is also apparent is how Kingdom Hearts II this looks with Sora’s clothes, the Heartless designs and the look of Twilight Town, it all reminds me of KH2 but it’s looking so much sharper, vivid and colourful with crazy good lighting effects.

The next segment has Sora on this crazy pirate ship rocking forward and backward as he attacks the Heartlesss, now I’m not sure how it works but it looks like their either getting hit by the ship or by this massive blue icicles (I’m guessing that’s what they are right?) and then the ship does like a good few 360s which I believe is the end of the summon move.

And then the last part of the trailer involves one of the massive enemies from Hercules’ world of Olympus and Sora and co are facing off against it on a continuously moving train. Sora seems to be swiping away at its hands and body while also avoiding getting hit and then at the end of the trailer we see him launch the damn train at the monster which is pretty hardcore.

Now it is interesting to note that the ship and train are actually based on Disneyland attractions, so I wonder how much more of that we’ll see in the final game? Only time will tell. But, the scary thing about this is that it’s just a TECH DEMO! So who knows how much better the gameplay and graphics could be?


All in all the footage looks SUPER awesome! I hate to keep going on about the graphics, but if you’ve been a fan of the series then you know how much this is a step up from the previous games in the franchise, plus the gameplay looks just as fun as ever with some epic scale being added in that I don’t believe has been that present in the series since KH2. In the end I want Kingdom Hearts III now and I can’t believe I’m being tortured with this gorgeous footage just knowing that the final product is SO far away. XD

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