Initial Sonic Lost World Reviews Are In… And It’s BAD.

18 Oct

Good day to you ladies and gents, today marks the release of one of my most anticipated games of the year, Sonic Lost World. This is probably the most different and important game in recent years because it seeks to rectify the issues from the past and gives us a new, more innovative and Mario-styled game through its gameplay and level design.


So with the game released today in Europe I started scanning the net for reviews and what followed wasn’t that pretty…

Just have a look at these colourful reviews:




Okay, where to begin? Well with IGN I’ve actually come to expect questionable to shitty reviews from them. They’ve never really been about to rate Sonic games fairly and some of their reviews have been flat out bullshit, so while I’m disappointed by their score, I know never to trust their reviews when comes to stuff I actually like.

GameSpot while not much different from IGN were actually a little nicer with the game and explained some elements of the gameplay they enjoyed like the 2D sections, but their excuses for why the game is bad and the on-screen gameplay made me think that these guys, as usual, are simply out for Sonic’s blood and want to tarnish his name.

As for Polygon I think that’s the most fair review I’ve seen, the reviewer said he enjoyed the early side of the game, but then found it to get really tedious and difficult towards the end. It says that the franchise sticks to closely to the past and if it tried to more new things it would be better for it.

As for the written reviews they’re just as bad if not worse:

Eurogamer have torn the game to shreds

EDGE magazine as with previous Sonic games have nothing nice to say had similar thoughts to Polygon, once the first few levels of fun are over the shit hits the fan

Nowgamer just doesn’t like it, at all

Even UK newspaper the Metro has nothing nice to say about Sonic

And the list continues…

I haven’t seen a Sonic game get this amount of hate since Sonic 4 or Sonic Unleashed, but even those games fared better than this new one. I feel like we’ve fallen back into 2006, back into Sonic The Hedgehog 06 territory and that’s a horrible feeling. And the sad thing is when I heard about the initial control issues that some websites put up I thought they were just being picky, but it seems like it’s actually become apparent in the final game. I had a feeling when I saw this game for the first time that it might not be that good and I may end up being disappointed, but I thought SEGA and Sonic Team were on to something. Luckily my hype and excitement for the game has been matched by cautiousness that seems to have paid off in this case. Guess I won’t know what the game is like until I play it, but right now it doesn’t sound like a game worth playing.

Now maybe a lot of this websites have got it wrong, maybe Sonic’s new outing is actually fun and it’s just a lot of unnecessary hate towards the blue hedgehog, wouldn’t be the first time. However this seems to be almost universally panned material here and if this continues into the US in two weeks then we’re gonna have a shit storm on our hands and Sonic will probably be crucified again. I hope there is some positivity to be found in the game outside of this graphical quality sooner rather than later.

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