Pokémon X has taken over my life!

13 Oct

Hi ladies and gents, just thought I’d do a quick blog post about my current status in the world of life and all that jazz. Basically I was meant to go to the cinema recently but because a little pair of new games by the names of Pokémon X and Y was released my time has been eaten up completely.


Never thought a Pokemon game would get a would have my life again like this one has.

So yeah I’m back on the Pokemon hype. I have technically played at least one game from each generation of games right from the start of those pixelated games on the Game Boy back in the 90’s. In recent years the games haven’t been on my radar because there’s been a severe lack of innovation and no hook or addictive nature that the older games had. Both Diamond and Pearl and Black and White failed to do anything for me, but then comes X and Y which really has gone above and beyond to change the basic conventions of the series and it has done so very well.

The differences from the older games to this new game is insane! Just the small things from character customization to the cel-shaded 3D graphics in and out of battle to the new online features that make connecting with other trainers SO much better than before… My god the initial hours of this game have been some of the most addictive stuff ever. Me and my mate Craig got the game on Friday and was have the best times ever just talking about the new stuff and trading Pokemon.


This was me and my mate right after we got our copies of the game. Such a happy moment!

I’ve been playing Pokemon X for two days now and I’ve been having a great session with it so far, but I’ve already fallen behind loads of other people who got the game when I did. My house mate had already gotten his mega evolution for his Blastoise and I’m sure there’s bare many people with stupid amounts of free time. I’m gonna fall so far behind yo. That being said I’m not in the mood to get into competitions with people, especially not when it comes to Pokemon. It’s just not my style. But all I know is that this’ll take up a lot of my free time so I’ll be a little late when it comes to reviewing, so sorry in advance.

But when it comes to Pokemon X I’m gonna be having a great session and I’ll take my damn time! 😀

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