“Many” current VAs to be involved with Sonic Boom

04 Oct

Hello again ladies and gents, I’m back to report more news relating to the new upcoming Sonic cartoon dubbed Sonic Boom. Obviously earlier I posted about the first details about the show and now I have a little bit more to share with you. The following information comes from Sonic Stadium:


UPDATE: The article has now been updated to avoid any confusion – while “many” of the current cast will reprise their roles for Sonic Boom, not necessarily all will. We do not know any specific cast members involved with the project at the time of writing.

Yesterday’s announcement of Sonic Boom – a new CG animated Sonic cartoon set for launch in 2014 – has been one that’s definitely turned a few heads, and indeed raised a few eyebrows. While the prospect of seeing our favourite spiky blue hero back on our TV screens is no doubt an exciting one, some of the apparent changes to the designs of the characters have left some fans… dubious, to say the least.

Well, while it does appear we’ll be getting a new-look Sonic (and especially a new-look Knuckles) for the cartoon, one thing we can now confirm to be staying the same is a number of the voice actors. SEGA posted the following comment on the Sonic Facebook page:

We are pleased and excited that many of the voice actors used in game for Sonic and friends will also be voicing the TV animation.

Seemingly in support of this, both Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock posted links to the Sonic Boom announcement yesterday via their respective social media outlets, which suggests that they may have some involvement with the project. However, no specifics have been given regarding who will reprise their roles and who will not.

So, just like Sonic X, there will be some consistency in the voice actors between the games and the cartoon. “

Now this is an interesting element here because it highlights one of my key concerns, the voice actors. In the TV universe there’s only really been two sets of voice actors, the one’s for the 90’s cartoons and the people from Sonic X. Sonic himself has only had two main voice actors, Jaleel White and Jason Griffith, as for everyone else I’m not overly familiar with though. But what I’m trying to get at is that there was some consistency in the voice cast before, the 90’s Sonic series had their voice cast because that’s how he sounded at the time and Sonic X had their voice cast because that’s the sound 4Kids choice and obviously they eventually transitioned into the video games themselves. So for the current Sonic VAs  I feel like it’d be great and good for consistency if they kept them on for this new TV show. Obviously things could changed and we could have yet another Sonic, Tails, Amy and rest taking on these roles, but I hope Sega would see sense and at least try to keep a good deal of the voices talents on this new show. I mean if both Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock are talking about it, then AT LEAST LET US HAVE SONIC AND DR. EGGMAN! PLEASE?

I just hope we get the majority of the cast on-board, except Amy, her current voice is god awful, you can change her lol.

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