First Look at the Need for Speed Movie

14 Sep

Sup ladies and gents of the world, time for some film news and today is the first time I’m actually talking about the upcoming film adaptation of the Need for Speed video game series entitled, Need for Speed. Now I’ve known about this film for a while now but now we actually have some visual material to work with so let’s start talking about this stuff! The following information comes from IGN:

DreamWorks has released the first two official images from their big screen version of the EA video game Need for Speed, neither of which actually feature cars.

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul leads the cast, which includes Michael Keaton, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, Kid Cudi, and future Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson.

”Dominic is kind of the antagonist of the film,” Paul explains to Entertainment Weekly. ”Dakota is my character’s ex, and now Dominic’s character is the new guy she’s seeing.”

Kid Cudi and Aaron Paul in Need for Speed.

Dominic Cooper and Dakota Johnson in Need for Speed.

Here’s the official plot synopsis: “Need for Speed marks an exciting return to the great car culture films of the 1960s and ’70s, tapping into what makes the American myth of the open road so appealing. The story chronicles a near-impossible cross-country journey for our heroes—one that begins as a mission for revenge, but proves to be one of redemption.”

Need for Speed, directed by Act of Valor’s Scott Waugh, opens March 14, 2014.

Photos via DreamWorks.”

So yeah now that we have a synopsis and know the cast of the film I have to say my interest has gone up just a little bit. Besides having Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad (the only reason I was going to watch this film), Michael Keaton’s in it too and so is Dominic Cooper too, nice. As for the synopsis it sound a bit questionable, but has the potential to be cool if handled correctly and not taken too seriously, remember it’s based off of a video game series.

Now let’s talk about those images! Firstly you have image number one with Kid Cudi and main man Aaron Paul. What I get from this is that Paul is probably the main character and is probably the best driver around with particular skills, along with his potential token black man friend. I dunno why I get that impression from Kid Cudi, but in these kind of films having a token cool black guy as the friend of the main character seems pretty standard. Now let’s talk about image number two with Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots. So Cooper’s the bad guy right? So I can assume he’ll be a boss-like man that’ll make trouble for Aaron Paul’s character and possibly do some crazy driving himself. As for Poots, I only assume she’s around to help Cooper with his tasks and since we know that she used to be with Paul’s character at one point that’ll obviously create some tension.

So what are my thoughts on the film as whole? Well I think Need for Speed could be something cool, but it also has me worried. Basically NFS is coming out in a post-Fast & Furious world where those car films have been around since 2001, so it’ll be hard for this film to establish its identity without coming off as a clone (even though the NFS was influenced by the first F&F film, the NFS series preceded the films by six years). NFS just needs to establish itself as something different from the Fast and Furious films and something that is actually worth watching. I think with its video game source material it’s possible, I just hope the writers were aware of what material they were working with.

In the end Need for Speed could go one of either ways; 1) it could be a successful different kind of car film and create its own series and stand alongside the Fast and Furious series or 2) It could be a really generic, poorly written and painful film that just makes the F&F series stronger, I guess we’ll see what happens next year.

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