The Return of AFI

05 Sep

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, today I’m gonna do a music-related blog post and it will basically be me talking about one of my favourite bands in existence; AFI.


Now before I get into their return to music, let me give you lot a bit of a history of my experience with this band… I LOVE THIS BAND! AFI have been one of my favourite music obsession for the last 5 years. And while I’ve not gotten through their entire discography because I’m only mainly keen on everything from The Art of Drowning onwards, I still have mad love for them as a band.

I always remember the way that I found this band was strange. Basically I was watching a review for this game called Battle of Bands (a game where you played songs head-to-head against one another with different genres of music), and during the review I heard some lyrics of the song “Miss Murder” sung in a country-style of music. So then I went through the game’s playlist and then eventually found out the song, little did I know that “Miss Murder” was a rock song. It took me a while to adjust to the heavier sound, but after that I was obsessed. And to think that started my AFI obsession started from a really shitty Wii game, what are the odds?

Anyways in my last 2 college years I listened to AFI’s albums: The Art of Drowning, Sing The Sorrow, Decemberunderground and Crash Love. All of which gave me a new-found appreciation for rock music and gave me new songs to love in the form of “Summer Shudder“, “Love Like Winter“, “37mm“, “Days Of The Phoenix“, “Silver and Cold” and “Medicate” to name a few. So after Crash Love I was waiting for the next big AFI album, but to my sadness there was never any word of any new material on the horizon.

Crash Love is now 4 years old, for a while I was starting to think that AFI weren’t gonna release any new material at all.

Over the last 3 years I’ve constantly gone back to AFI’s Wikipedia page waiting for some new news, but alas every time I went online the page never had anything new for me to see… But then out of nowhere earlier on in 2013 I saw on AFI’s Facebook group that there was teaser video they’d put up online. I was surprised and hyped:

This video single-handedly gave me hope for the world of music in 2013. Just seeing Davey Havok walking down that hallway and then going to his bandmates and starting to rock out in that silent video was just badass.

Not too long after that AFI released their first single “I Hope You Suffer“, first in an audio format and then with a fully fledged music video. At first it did take me a while to adjust to it as it isn’t your classic AFI in the sense that its, loud, furious, upbeat and chaotic like singles “Girl’s Not Grey“, “Miss Murder” and “Medicate“. This song really is dark, slower in tempo, brooding and only builds up to heavier moments in certain segments in the song. That being said, the song is bloody addictive! “I Hope You Suffer” is a great song because while its sound is different from AFI’s previous material, it still echoes their sound through the instruments, but most effectively through Davey Havok’s amazing vocals that still sound amazing! This is a song that gets better with each listen and you just learn to appreciate its moody nature and its cracking chorus when it explodes. Just have a listen below:

Such a good single, just captures the essence of the band but presents it in a new way.

So then in August the band release their second single, “17 Crimes” and man is it a departure from the previous records. At least with “I Hope You Suffer” you could get some Sing The Sorrow vibes from it, but with this song, it sounds so light and poppy! In truth it through me off the first time I heard it, I was not expecting it. Apparently the single was also on the soundtrack to The Mortal Instruments: City Of  and to be honest it sounds like it would belong in a film like that (teen, romance kind of film thing). That being said, I don’t hate the song, it’s actually pretty good and there’s a great breakdown near the middle which I really like. “17 Crimes” will definitely take some time to adjust to, but it really shows that the band are maturing and expanding into new territories. Check it out below:


Not the follow-up single I was expecting, but I’m warming to it now.

So to conclude, I have always loved and will continue to love AFI and I am so glad that after all this waiting that in 2013 the band is returning to the world of music. I can’t wait for the Burials album when it hits next month, bring it on! 😀

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