Prepare for a change of pace on this blog…

24 Aug

Hi friends, followers and people of the internet! Today I just wanted to let you know in advance that there may be a significant slow down in the amount of blogging I’ll be doing over the next few weeks. Why? Well allow me to explain…



While I hope I won’t be moving at a turtle’s pace, I will be slowing down production on this blog in the near future.

So yeah basically over the last two weeks I’ve been going through job training and with each week it’s been getting more and more time-consuming. In the first week I along with the rest of the staff went on a trip to London. Last week we were at a hotel receiving handbooks and Powerpoint presentations about heath and safety. And this week we’ve been practising setting the work place up and getting to grips with the routines that we’d have to go through on a regular basis. This in turn has meant that my usual lazy persona has been replaced with a more active person who has to travel to work daily walking to and from the train station. Bloody hell this is different! 😛

But what this mainly means is that my blogging will be slowing down due to the amount of hours I have at work. This will also mean that going to watch films at the cinema will be reduced by a great deal AND it looks like the remainder of my summer will be spent working rather than me lazing around.

slow-downFrom now on I’ll be speeding up at work and slowing down on here, but don’t worry I won’t slow down to the point of death (like this picture above suggests lol)

In the end I just wanted to let you lot know what the deal is and keep you in the loop about my crazy life so you don’t end up missing me too much when I’m not around haha. 😀 Anyways I’m off to scan the web again, I’ll see you lot in a bit yo! 😀

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