Random Blog 07: Nosebleed Attack!

20 Aug

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, time for another random blog instalment. Today I’m talking about a crazy nosebleed attack that went down just around an hour ago, it was such a crazy event that I had to blog about it! 🙂


Normally nosebleed are funny especially when it involves Master Roshi here, but in real life it can get messy!

So yeah let me tell you the story. Basically I was on my way back home from work and was going to make a trip into Sainsbury’s because I wanted some food, as soon as I walked in I felt something coming out of my nose. I naturally thought it was just snot so I went to wipe it away, I then looked at my hand and it was blood! I then turned away from the shop and headed home. I was continuously trying to wipe the blood from my nose, but it just kept coming like a landslide, it was all over my hands, lips, chin and on my jacket. I was actually just in a state of shock and it didn’t help that there was several people in the street watching me as I ran home bleeding everywhere.


While I’m not gonna show ya a picture of my blood, I think its fair to say that my hands looked pretty similar to this picture above.

Now I’m no stranger to blood in my nose, however this is the first time I’ve had a proper full-on bloody nose with no sign of it ending. It was so weird that this has happened to me out of the blue like it did, the worst things I ever get in the summer is snotty noses or colds, but this was something new and unexpected. It was both shocking but also exciting at the same time haha.

Anyways to conclude I’m basically saying that nosebleeds are weird and can be troublesome when you’re out in the street and everyone can see ya. 😀

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  1. Tim The Film Guy

    August 21, 2013 at 12:40 pm



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