Rant 13: Why’s it So Hard For Some People To Just Be Friendly?

19 Aug Howdy people and welcome to another instalment in my blogging rants. Today’s rant wasn’t initially gonna be a rant but the more I thought about the issue, the more it started to annoy me. So today I’ll be talking about those annoying people in the world that aren’t forthcoming and make themselves hard to befriend. Now I know that not everybody is as willing to make contact with other people and be super friendly like me, however if someone is trying to make the effort to talk to you, perhaps even be your friend, the least you could do is be nice and acknowledge them. I’ve seen it many times, you approach people with a friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude and there will be one of several outcomes:

  1. They’re actually nice and will talk to you.
  2. They’ll hesitantly talk to you (though you see that they’re not entirely comfortable)
  3. They’ll pretend to be nice and then act differently around you later or talk about ya behind your back.

All of those situations I have listed have happened to me and I honestly hate that shit. I can’t believe how cruel, insensitive and immature some people can be. I mean extending a hand of friendship is not bad thing, if anything it should be embraced, but for some people it’s the hardest thing ever.

The reason I bring this up is because recently I went on a trip to London in group with several people I’d eventually be working with, so I attempted to be friendly, talked to a few people and was just my quirky, jolly old self. Some took to me okay, some liked me and others weren’t so keen. However what I found was that there was a few people who I’d befriended, and then heard them talking smack about me behind my back, though I could hear them from a distance. And that’s the kind of stupid, immature shit that I can’t stand.


There are those sneaky bastards who pretend to be nice, but are really fakers and that kind of behaviour is so unacceptable yo.

To add to deceit, on the next occasion when we saw each other a few days later, these people didn’t even talk to me, they saw me, looked me in the face and walked on by. WHAT THE HELL MAN!?! I don’t understand how some people’s minds work. How can some run around being so deceitful and play with people’s emotions? Can’t stand that kind of shit. Since when was I so repulsive that people would have to do such petty things to me? Well whatever I guess I’m just gonna have to get over it and learn to work with these people for the sake of teamwork and the future of my finances.


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2 responses to “Rant 13: Why’s it So Hard For Some People To Just Be Friendly?

  1. Natasha Harmer

    August 19, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    Great post 😀
    Back stabbing is a pet hate of mine too. I’ve had many ‘friends’ in the past who were the kind that made me think ‘who needs enemies with friends like these?!’
    It’s usually because they’re very insecure, they’re jealous or threatened by someone who’s not afraid to be themselves (which is what you were doing by being open and friendly with them) so they feel the need to bring them down behind their back. It’s weird behaviour, but people are complicated beings!
    I hope the new job thing works out ok for you, you’re doing all the right things…they’re idiots if they refuse your offer of friendship and it’s their loss 🙂

    • Hypersonic55

      August 20, 2013 at 10:32 pm

      Thank you very much. 🙂 It seems like some people in this world are completely impossible to figure out. Thanks again for the encouraging words and I too hope working with some these people will work out. 😀


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