Sonic Lost World – Wisp Colors Trailer Review

18 Jul

Just when I thought that the news for Sonic Lost World was over, more and more keeps coming and I’m just excited to learn more! Yes! GIVE ME MORE POWER! And now we have a new Sonic trailer to look at that specifically gives us a look at the various alien Wisp abilities that’ll be in this new game, so without further ado let’s start analysing!

Firstly here’s the trailer below:

So what have we got here? Well from what I can see its a whole load of awesomeness! I love how much variation there is in terms of the gameplay and there finally seems to be a heavier focus on the platforming elements that SHOULD be in a modern Sonic game. I like how we get to see The Deadly Six in-game and see more levels and see the new Sonic gameplay features along with traditional ones like rail-grinding.

In this trailer there’s a focus on the alien Wisp power-ups Sonic can obtain, now as all Sonic fans are aware, the Wisps first showed up in Sonic Colours back in 2010 and made that game incredibly fun and varied to play due to the different abilities that each Wisp temporarily gave you. Now this game it looks like we have new additions to tamper with along with returning classics. Firstly let’s talk about the new Wisps which are Eagle:

  • Eagle: This red Wisp gives Sonic the power to fly through the sky and get an extra boost of with a spinning motion.
  • Asteroid: This Wisp we’ve seen before, but anyway, this purple Wisp allows Sonic to touch any object within his immediate area and turn it into cubes, the more stuff he touches the bigger the ring of cubes around him gets.
  • Rhythm:  This pink Wisp turns Sonic into a music note and it looks like he has to move to the beat as he hits enemies and does some unique music-based platforming.

Then we have the returning Wisps in the form of Drill, Laser and Rocket:

  • Drill: Ah yes the old yellow Wisp, this one allows Sonic to drill through certain surfaces, though it looks like it’s been upgraded from before allowing Sonic to leap out of the ground and then re-enter.
  • Laser: Oh yeah my favourite! This cyan wisp allows Sonic to line up near a set of diamonds and then boost away at lighting speed.
  • Rocket: And finally the good old orange Wisp allows Sonic to blast straight into the sky and then descend afterwards.

In my opinion I’m liking the look of the new Wisps, it adds a lot of different aspects to the gameplay in the same vein that Sonic Colours did back on the Wii. The reason why I loved Sonic Colours and probably played the hell out of it more than Sonic Generations was due to the fact the Wisp power-ups, they provided of different possibilities in way for attacking enemies, navigating through levels and discovering secrets. And since some levels had several Wisps in one act it left a lot of room for experimentation. And it looks like this what Sonic Lost World could be trying to emulate too and that is something I welcome.


Now with all this focus on Wisps I hope that they don’t become mandatory to progress through levels and that we still have routes to navigate on-foot with Sonic’s natural speed, after all that is what makes Sonic games fun, the speed. In any case Sonic Lost World is looking more and more interesting and I can’t wait for its release in October!

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