Living The Rough Days

10 Jul

Howdy people and welcome to another blog post. Today I’m just gonna be talking about my recent episodes in life and how the life and times of me have become a tad more difficult.


Yeah, recently I’ve gotten pretty stressed out and looked a lot like this guy.

Basically I’ve just had a few setbacks in my world of recent. Firstly in the last week I’ve moved house from the horrible house I had to deal with to a much nice house 10 minutes down the road. The moving process was kind of frustrating and tedious because me and the guys had to wait for the previous tenants to clean up the house for around 4-6 hours before we could move in. Add on top of that I had so much stuff to move and only had one car, along with my dad to help move the stuff. It took ages. And then we got to the house while our landlord was going through the rules and means of paying him, I’m sure they’d changed since prior to moving in. So yeah I had to quickly fill out some cheques to keep him from hassling me.

Then I find out that he puts in the cheque that I wrote out when I have no cash, and since the cheque bounced I owed my landlord £20 more. So you may say “Why did you make a cheque for a date if you had no money?” Well when I’m under pressure and being hassled I just do things without thinking just to get the situation over and done with. So yeah not smart but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. And with all the money I was meant to pay him between now and September I was stressing out because I had no proper form of income because of the erratic nature of my agency work and the fact that I couldn’t borrow money from my family because they’d already bailed me out in my previous house.

The second major thing that’s happened is that I’ve had to start selling my stuff for money…Again. I never thought I’d have to do this again, but the time had come and I had to give up one of my most precious things, my Nintendo 3DS. When I bought that last year I was the happiest man in existence and I’ve had many great day playing games, demos, messing around on the Mii Plaza and doing all that Street Pass! But the other day I had to sell it, my god it hurt me so bad. Next to films, video games are my in my blood and for me to have to get rid of it for cash made me want to cry. Right now I am still adjusting to not having it with me, I swear life just wants me to suffer right now.

Goodbye 3DS I miss you so badly right now. 😥

And lastly I have two other issues. 1) I am feeling fairly distant from some of my friends because it feels like we’re on two different wavelengths, the compatibility is just feeling awkward and off. May need a change of people yo. And 2) I am currently having to work so hard to find work and am getting next to no results for permanent work, if I don’t get something done soon then I’ll be endangering myself and my housemates.


I know that this is probably true, but enduring it is so painful.

Anyways that’s the dramas going on with my life right now, I know it seems like fairly familiar stuff and I know that these times probably won’t last forever, but luck has always been questionable. It hasn’t been totally bad, I’ve had some fun with some friends who i haven’t seen for a long time and I’ve enjoyed being in a much better house, but the stresses of life aren’t too far away. So I dunno, we’ll see if the summer will present any fun times for me or not. Either way I really need some summertime loving right now haha.

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