Escape Plan Trailer #1 Review

27 Jun

Howdy ladies and gents, looks like it’s time to review another film trailer! I was just floating around the internet a little while ago and then I saw that the trailer for Escape Plan was up and I was like “Damn, been waiting for this for ages, gotta check this out and then review it!” So yeah that’s how we got here haha, anyways let’s move on.

Here’s the trailer below:

Alrighty then, after I watched this trailer I was actually smiling thinking that is could actually be a good film. So what have we got here? Sly Stallone is guy who can escape of any prisons and has gotten of loads for ages, but eventually he’s thrown into a prison he can’t get out of… At least not alone. So this is where Arnold Schwarzenegger comes in, he’s another inmate that wants to get out too. And so the both of them decide to team up to escape. Obviously there’s a good few other elements that come into play like the people on the outside who have contact with Stallone’s character and just like any normal thriller there are elements conspiracy and betrayal on the horizon and it looks like fun.

I think what attracts me to this film is the fact that Sly and Arnie are in a film together and it’s not just another Expendables, but just the two of these action icons in one film together and that just makes inner action junkie all giddy. Now obviously this film could be another crappy action thriller, but I think it ha all the right elements in place at the moment, plus it looks like there will be a showdown between the both of them. I just want to see the action and carnage go down, so sign me up! And lastly I remember when this film was known as The Tomb, but I didn’t know it was known as Exit Plan before it got to its current title, didn’t know it was this hard to name a film haha.


In conclusion Escape Plan looks like it’ll be a good time in the cinema and I am genuinely interested in seeing how this film turns out. Sure The Last Stand and Bullet To The Head weren’t exactly the epic action films that a lot of Arnie and Stallone fans were look for, but I reckon this film has the power to potentially rectify that and be a decent action thriller.

So what do you think of Escape Plan? Are you interested or just don’t care? Whatever your thoughts are drop them below and I’ll see ya on the next blog post. 😀

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One response to “Escape Plan Trailer #1 Review

  1. Tim The Film Guy

    June 28, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Looks fun, should have been made in the 80’s but am still seeing it 😀


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