My review of the year 2013 so far.

25 Jun

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to another blog post. As I sit here in my living room on a decently sunny day in Luton I’m looking over the year that’s past so far and am feeling nostalgic. So today I’m gonna just talk about my experience of 2013 so far splitting it into departments just like my End of Year reviews. Let’s get started!



There’s my good man Craig on the left and me to right.

In terms of the year for me it’s been fairly up and down really. I can’t say its been totally bad as I have had some great times over the last few months, however as per usual I have also experienced some absolutely terrible times that I wish had never taken place.

So let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Well firstly uni has been an uphill battle this year with me having to tackle several modules at the same time and trying to multi-task projects that involved other people while having to do my own personal work too. Doing uni work this year has been a frustrating and draining experience that I honestly don’t want to deal with again. Then there’s work or should I say my lack of it, sure I’ve had work shifts here and there, but its been far too sparse for my liking and while looking for work I’ve either had interviews with no success or have applied and got nothing back. And then there’s that douchebag of a landlord who’s tried to bleed me dry of my money and tried to kick me out of my house this year too. I’ve also been deserted by several of my mates this year due to varying circumstances. And to add a cherry to my shit sundae I’ve also had my heart broken, again, by a friend of mine which I completely misread. I think I’m pretty unlucky. Troublesome times indeed.

But it hasn’t been all doom and gloom luckily. I have had my beautiful friends around to keep me from going insane, and with them I’ve gone out to eat, partied the night away and just generally hanged out. I think the nights out have been the best aspect of this year, I’ve used them as a means of escape and for the most part I’ve had loads of fun on those occasions. In addition to that I’ve had good fun at work meeting new people and experiencing the better side of bar work during a beer festival I did back in March. And lastly I’ve had a lot of major support from my parents and sister who’ve sorted me money and food through the post and its kept me very happy and satisfied over the course of 2013.


As for music there’s been a lot going on that department. When it comes to new music I’m not overly interested in it, but for some artists I’ve found some kick ass material that I’ve fallen for this year. Firstly there’s Justin Timberlake whose album The 20/20 Experience has become a great sound for this year with his leading single “Suit & Tie” and then the rest of the tracks on his album which have captivated my ears for the last 2 months. The other major return of 2013 was Daft Punk with their Random Access Memories album which totally blew me away. A lot of long-time fans have discarded the album due to its very different sound and non-familiarity to today’s EDM genre, but I personally love the album. It is full of the sound of funk, disco and the 1970s along with the familiar Daft Punk touches too.

brit-awards-2013-show-justin-timberlake-650-430 20130413-dp-600x-1365866538

And then there’s been the other music I’ve been listening to like my continuing love for Alexisonfire as well as Rx Bandits, Blur, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and my new-found love for Enter Shikari and Alter Bridge. But the main two new obsessions I’ve gotten this year are Coheed and Cambria and A Tribe Called Quest. Coheed and Cambria are a band I came across by chance, and after hearing “Welcome Home” for the first time my world was rocked in a way that I hadn’t yet experience. So then I went though the whole Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness album and it was great. But I am even more obsessed with A Tribe Called Quest, after watching their 2011 documentary twice this year I’ve gone through all of their five albums and totally fallen in love with The Low End Theory and Beats, Rhymes & Life albums. Several of their songs have just be put on repeat to the point they were only placed at number 8 or 9 on my top 10 list on and now their 3rd! I think that’s mighty impressive.

coheed-and-cambria-500775331a567 Samsung Galaxy Presents Prince And A Tribe Called Quest At SXSW

So now I’m curious what’ll happen when I go deeper into music and see what other obsessions I’ll find over the course of the year.



As for films this year it has a mixed bag of good, bland and just plain shit. It’s actually incredible how many films I’ve seen this year and how many of them I’ve forgotten prior to April. 2013 for films has been good but none of the films I’ve seen this year has been the perfect film that I had hoped they’d be. Let’s talk disappointments: Die Hard 5 was a ridiculous mess, Movie 43 was one of the most disgusting things ever, Evil Dead was a terrible remake, Jack The Giant Slayer was just a boring piece of work, Epic wasn’t nearly as epic as the name suggested and even the recent Man of Steel wasn’t the film I was hoping for too.

As for my favourite films for this year I had a good few including Oz The Great And Powerful, Oblivion, Trance, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast 6 and The Iceman. Though even some of the films in this list aren’t perfect and either disappointed in some areas or just weren’t perfect all over. So yeah I feel like I’m gonna be in a minority this year talking about films that I enjoy that no one else does, so yeah 2013 better have some GOOD material coming up or heaven help me. I think I’ll just have to place my hope in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in December.

So in conclusion 2013 has been decent, but there’s not been anything too fancy about that’s made me blow up about it. Last year even though I loads of crap go down last year, I think after May started everything had fallen into place already. This year I’ve had fun but I’m still waiting for something substantial to happen so here’s hoping the rest of the year comes though for me eventually. Thanks for reading peeps! 🙂

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One response to “My review of the year 2013 so far.

  1. Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

    June 25, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    Thanks for putting together a sharing your mid-year list. I have seen no zero movies, so I think I* will start with the ones on your list. And as far as your bad times, not minimizing them at all, but they sound like life. All things a young person bounces back from. Keep posting. Informative, entertaining and fun. Thanks again.


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