Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Trailer Review

11 Jun

Damn… Just damn. E3 is always full of surprises but this was the one I didn’t see coming. After the announcement of Final Fantasy XV I thought that Square Enix had already done the business, but this… This is beyond words… FRIGGIN’ KINGDOM HEARTS 3! IT IS REALLY HAPPENING! AND THERE’S A LITTLE TRAILER TOO! HOLY CHRIST!


Check it out here:

We’re first treated to a flashing slideshow of all the previous games in the series straight from the first game up to the recent Dream Drop Distance, and during this you can hear Sora and Riku talking. Then we see Sora flying through the sky in his younger form and then he transitions into his older form. We then cut to scene on what looks to be Destiny Islands with a Keyblade laying on the beach, Sora picks it up and looks at it carefully (I’m not sure if he’s unfamiliar with it or if he’s just admiring it) and then we cut to the title of the game. Next we see some short in-game footage of Sora running away from a swarm of Heartless that are chasing after him, he then jumps on the swarm as the Heartless scramble about in the air, then the swarm head towards Sora and he lounges towards them with his Keyblade and attempts to cut them and then the trailer ends.

All I can say is wow, while there’s not much to work with, what I am seeing now is great. The game just looks absolutely gorgeous. It looks incredible. The animation and art are the same but on a much higher level.To see how far the series has come in its look and design and now to have this proper clean, crisp, sharp and vivid-looking game is just breathtaking. Seeing Sora running around in Twilight Town with all those Heartless chasing him, I love the behind-the-should view you get when Sora’s focusing in on the enemy in front of him, it’s a nice angle. There’s not much in the way of new gameplay or story


In the end I am juts happy this game is coming out. I thought Square Enix were gonna keep us fans waiting for a few more years but I guess it is really happening. Kingdom Hearts 3 is in development and we’re finally getting the next chapter in the series. I CAN’T WAIT! 😀

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