Month of Nostalgic Video Game Reviews 2 – The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare

14 Apr

Howdy peeps and welcome to Day #14 of Month of Nostalgic Video Game Reviews 2! This is a blog series where I review video games from my childhood. Today’s game is one of the strangest games I came across on the Super Nintendo and was a pretty funky game overall, today its all about The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare!


The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare was a game released in for the US in 1992 and then for Europe and Japan in 1993. It was released to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System but we’ll only be focusing on the SNES version.

The game follows Bart Simpson as one night he falls asleep while studying and when awakens he finds himself in a strange new world full of weird and unnatural happens. The aim of the game is for Bart to collect the lost pages of his homework and progress through the various levels to keep the homework pages and eventually return to reality.


The game takes place in two parts. The first part is set on a street referred to as Windy World and the other part takes place in the various mini games you tackle when you grab pages of your homework. While on the street you walk along trying to avoid enemies including mailboxes, basketballs, old ladies and buses to name a few. Bart can jump, spit a projectile and blow bubblegum to attack his enemies. Strange things can happen on that road like Lisa turning you into a frog or old ladies blow kisses to ya (that can turn you back to normal if you’re in frog form) or Principal Skinner occasionally appears and tries to dress Bart in his Sunday school, etc.


When a page is found you jump onto it, you’ll then shrink down on the page and have to choose one out two randomly chosen mini-games hidden behind coloured doors. You must play a mini-game and retrieve a lost page of Bart’s homework. The doors and games are:

  • The green door: Bartzilla, where Bart must stomp through the streets of Springfield and destroy the army with fire breath and visual lasers. After being zapped by a shrink ray, Bart climbs the Springfield State Building and fights “Homer Kong” and “Momthra.”
  • The violet door: A journey into Bart’s blood stream, where Bart must use an air pump to inflate and destroy germs. After collecting 5 atoms when the page is visible, the player wins. This mini-game has a cameo appearance from Smiling Joe Fission (a character from the first-season episode “Homer’s Odyssey”).
  • The yellow door: Itchy and Scratchy, where Bart is being attacked by the “team up” duo, as well as various other household objects that become enemies (the oven shoots fire, the telephone explodes, Marge’s picture drops eyeballs, Pyro-Vacuums etc.) All fire-based attacks are instantly fatal, with Bart crumbling to ashes. This is the only mini-game divided in two; Bart must play one half first and the other half next.
  • The blue door: Bartman, where Bart flies over Springfield as a superhero. Along the way he fights many bosses, including Sherri and Terri in a hot air balloon, Barney Gumble on a pink elephant, Waylon Smithers in a blimp (you face him twice), and eventually Mr. Burns in a biplane. Besides the enemies, Bart must avoid clouds of radioactive gas. Bart also receives soda bottles from Apu on a magic carpet in this level, which serve to raise his energy bar.
  • The orange door: Indiana Bart, where Bart must make through the balancing columns in “Temple of Maggie”.

The game ends when Bart loses all of his Zs (Windy World will be covered in a white fog, suggesting Bart is about to wake up) and takes damage one more time, or if he accomplishes all the mini-games.


Man, The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare was probably the first Simpsons game I played and was the strangest one. When I was younger this game used to freak me out a little, I think it was due to the strange nature of the dream universe that Bart was cruising through, some of the locations in the mini games were right weird and the music didn’t help either. My mate got pretty far in the game whereas for me I couldn’t get too far because wasn’t sure what to do. I’d normally accidentally find a mini game, then get stuck and fail. 😛 I recently got a hold of it and it was the first time I’ve played in since around 1997/8 and I got so much nostalgia from the game, I felt like I was young all over again. The game is pretty funky but very much in the vein of The Simpsons show with all the characters and other visual and audio references that show up. I finally got to see it a little further into the game than before, however I still suck at the game as I can’t seem to get any pages at all. I blame the fact that I’m playing on an emulator and don’t have a proper controller to play the game the right way haha.


So in conclusion The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare was a pretty crazy game, it was strange and unnatural but very fun with the variety of mini games available along with some nice visuals and strange yet enjoyable music. I’ve only recently rediscovered it so I’ll be having some fun for a while, if you find a copy of the game give it a try! 🙂

Well there’s another game review done only 16 more to go! If you have experiences with this game or any of the following ones do comment below! I’ll see ya tomorrow with another nostalgic video game review yo! 😀


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