Warner Bros. President Says Christopher Nolan is Not Involved with Justice League

11 Apr

This is only a small news story but it is a significant one that has my attention and news to be blogged about. As per usual this comic book film news comes from superherohype:


“One of the juiciest rumors to come out in the past few months was that Christopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight trilogy, would be shepherding the Justice League movie at Warner Bros. We’re sad to report that this was a case of ‘too good to be true’ as EW has confirmed with Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov that this rumor is not true.

When asked if it was true that Nolan would be bringing the project to life with his former Batman Christian Bale, he left no room for interpretation and simply said “No, it’s not.”

Christopher Nolan’s representatives also confirmed that Nolan was never involved with the project and is working solely on his upcoming film Interstellar.

We know you were really looking forward to this, but take heart that it would appear the film is still on track to eventually get made. Man of Steel producer Chris Roven says the upcoming Superman reboot will pave the way for future films.

“It’s setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward, In that, Man of Steel is definitely a first step. Nolan’s Dark Knight series was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world the films lived in was very isolated, without any knowledge of other superheroes. What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14 while Justice League is rumored to be targeting a summer 2015 release date.”

Alrighty then so the President of Warner Bros. has ruled out Christopher Nolan, however one can never say never in Hollywood and when it comes to superhero films you can’t always assume things as truth. I pray that this president stays true to his words though.

So what do I think of this news? Well all I can say is…

Yes! Yes! And yes again! This is GOOD NEWS! Now I can see loads of Nolan fanboys freaking out all over the internet saying stuff like “Oh now this film will fail!” or “Why isn’t he attached to the film he made great Batman films!” But there’s the problem; Nolan’s Batman films. Now don’t get me wrong, The Dark Knight Trilogy is great and it works on its own. But attach that to the realm of the Justice League and it WOULDN’T WORK! Why? Because Chris Nolan’s Batman universe is overly dark, gritty and realistic and while that works for Batman, that would not translate well with a live-action adaptation Justice League. Plus add to that the Justice League comics and animated adaptations is anything but realistic, it’s all completely fictional, fantastical and larger than life. Warner Bros. and DC already have problems trying to find a way to adapt their crazy characters to film, if they changed it to the dark and realistic style of Nolan’s Batman films not only would it be unfaithful to the source material, but it’d be horrible. The reason why the film would be horrible is because we’ve endured three “dark” Batman films already, they were good at showing a different style of making comic book films, but I think people have had enough of that and want something different. Many fans and critics have said it before and so have I, Chris Nolan is great, but not for the Justice League movie.

Now just to clarify again, I do not dislike Chris Nolan, I think he is brilliant and there’s not one of his films that I’ve seen that I’ve not liked or loved. But for Justice League I can’t help but think that he’ll turn it into another dark Batman film or some sort of absurdly realistic film with all the good comic book elements taken out. I dunno who would be a good director for this JLA film but I know Chris Nolan isn’t the right fit.

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