Favourite Songs #16: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground

25 Mar

Howdy people of the interweb, and welcome to the sixteenth edition of my series of blog posts dedicated to some of my favourite songs ever in life. And today we have our second entry from the Red hot Chili Peppers, the song in question is one of their first songs I heard back in the 90s and even though it’s a cover, it still sounds incredible. Today it’s all about the song “Higher Ground”.

Now I know that this technically Stevie Wonder’s song but back when I was a kid the Red Hot Chili Peppers version was the first one I heard, and I will never forget the first time I heard it… IN MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE! Yes the Power Rangers movie was the first place I heard this song during the skydiving sequence. Me and my sister loved that scene because not only did it have an awesome-looking set of people skydiving but you also had this kick ass song playing in the background to amplify the epicness! Obviously that probably wasn’t the best of films and a lot of people may think of me as sad for encountering the song that way, but I do look back fondly on that film in a nostalgic way.,2.jpg

Power Rangers: The Movie, a film that allowed me to find one of my favourite cover songs ever. Bet you never thought you’d hear anyone say that. 🙂

Just have a listen to the Chili Peppers version of the Stevie Wonder classic below:

The Chili Peppers really have talent to take such a well-established by someone like Stevie Wonder, but still make it their own without sacrificing the elements that made the original version popular. I love the sort of  rock and funk in this song, Flea’s bass line insanely good while John Frusciante’s guitar work keeps that energy level up at maximum. Chad Smith’s drumming is as great as ever and I love Anthony Kiedis’ vocals in this especially the echo effect that’s added during the versus. I really just love energetic the song is and it seems to have a real feel-good vibe about it that’s hard to explain. I think the best way to describe it is if you’re doing something really fun alone or with a bunch of friends you can hear the song somewhere then there’s a sense of ultimate satisfaction one gets that’s undeniable.

I’ve just got mad love for this song these days for two main reasons, 1) For the sake of nostalgia and the Power Rangers movie and 2) These days I am a massive Chili Peppers fan and I have grown to appreciate their music much more. I even got to see the ban perform this live when they came to Sheffield back in November 2011, it was soooooooooooo good. I was so happy. So now comes the question, which version do I prefer? The Stevie Wonder version or the Chili Peppers version? And a lot of purists will hate me for my answer but I have to say the Chili Peppers version. This isn’t to say that the original is bad, it is very nice, however the up-tempo, louder and more rock-oriented version of “Higher Ground” is more my style of music. Plus the Chili Peppers version found me first haha. 🙂

So to conclude “Higher Ground” by Red Hot Chili Peppers is frigging sweet! It preserves the sound of the original but gives us a funky rock version that is so in-your-face and energetic. If you haven’t experienced this song stop what you’re doing and have a listen, it is worth your time yo! 😀

Well that’s another song review done, what do you think of this Red Hot Chili Peppers song? Whatever your thoughts are leave me a comment below and be sure to come back next time for another song review yo! 😀

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