Make a bond with me and it’ll last forever

18 Mar

Ah yes, now we’re back on that topic of friendship again. What can I say, this subject means a lot to me. Now I’ve made a few blog posts about what friendship before including Friendship is a beautiful thing, one that meant a lot to me when I wrote it. But today I’m going to talk a little more about me and how great a friendship could be with someone like me.

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Now I’m not saying that I’m like the best guy ever, however if we come across each other and we make a connection and create a bond it will be for the long-term. I like to help people and make them feel jolly, that’s the kind of person I am. I honestly believe in being a nice guy and making connections with people along your travels in life. It all starts in school and obviously continues later in life in college, university, jobs and just in life in general, and I never pass up an opportunity to find potential friends to add to my collection.

I’m really passionate about making long-term bonds with people that will hopefully last a lifetime. Why? Because I’ve seen in my days on this planet that friendship is like a special bond with people that can’t be broken and its beautiful when something like that can stand the test of time even if you live apart or don’t see each other for substantial amounts of time too.


True that!

Now I’m only 22 (going on 23 in just under 2 weeks), but I’ve already made special bonds with some of my good friends that’s lasted 5, 10 and almost 20 years! And to me that’s just extreme happiness. In my gap year before uni I realized that what makes me really happy besides doing things for myself is doing stuff for others. Helping and giving to others has always made me feel good, and it took me until the age of 21 to figure it out. That’s why I’ve always put other people’s problems and issues before my own and helped them out in any way that I could. I’ve been doing it since school, and most people loved me for it. I have put myself out there for people in many ways, from being a shoulder to cry on to talk to about relationship advice to sharing intimate secrets. I’ve even ran out of my house just to meet my peeps if they needed me. I’m that hardcore!

However there have been many that have taken advantage of my good will, but luckily I grew a backbone and told those punks to get lost in my later teen years. So now I’m in uni and my journey to make new bonds and friendships haven’t ended yet! I’ve found four guys who I love more so than most of my mates and I’ve only known them for just over a year and a half, but it feels like it’s been at least 3 or 4 years now.

There they are along with me in the middle! XD

These guys I hope that I’ll know for at least 10 years or more. And there’s my 2 best comrades in the universe, known as Alon and Chris. They’ve been my friends since September 2007 when we did media together in college. Our bond is the most amazing thing that I;ve felt in years and I can only hope we can go 5 more years to complete a decade of friendship. Here’s a picture below:

New Years 2011. That was one of our most special moments in time!

Well to conclude I just wanted to share with you a little about me and how I feel about friendship. So if I ever meet you and we vibe together then we may end up forming a bond for a while too. I love people and I love to make friends so if anyone wants a reliable, trustworthy and honest friend that’ll be there for them in a heartbeat then I’m your guy! 🙂

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