First Promo for Teen Titans Go! And It’s Terrible!

17 Mar



I loved the Teen Titans cartoon that used to be on Cartoon Network back in 2004 and I always hoped that it would return in some shape or form. So when I heard about the announcement about Teen Titans Go! I was hyped… That is until I found out about the changed format from the original TV to the new one where it would focus less on superhero stuff and more on comedy. That already broke my heart, but now this new promo for the show has killed my beautiful TV show. Just have a look below:

This has to be some kind of joke right? What the hell is this crap? Teen Titans from what I hear is a great comic book series and the old TV on Cartoon Network was a really great cartoon that had a little anime charm to it too. So why the in the holy mother of hell would anyone think it was smart idea to create a show like this? Just look at it. The art style is very minimalistic and the animation is simple too, anyone who remembers the original Teen Titans will see how they’ve simplified the character designs and made them resemble something cheap and ugly-looking. They all have big heads and small bodies and look so silly; this must be for the sake of kids but still, why? All of this physical humour and stupid situations the announcer talks about is all the stuff I dislike about Ultimate Spider-Man and other children’s TV shows of present times. Everything just looks and comes across as loud, stupid and irregular!

It just looks like a cheaper, lazy and more stupid version of the former show. I thought Ultimate Spider-Man was a disgrace both as children’s TV show and a disgrace to the Spider-Man cartoons that came before it, but Teen Titans Go! looks like it’ll be even worse than that show, and Ultimate Spider-Man is really stupid! I remember back in the 90s when children’s cartoon shows were smart, accessible to people of all ages and didn’t treat its audience like idiots. I can’t believe that a brilliant show like Young Justice is ending to make way for this crap. Why can’t we have the old Teen Titans back? Why is life so cruel? It seems like no one in the TV animation business knows how to create good cartoons these days example for Adventure Time and Regular Show.

Anyways to conclude, I think Teen Titans Go! looks disastrous and is an insult to the original show and will probably suck terribly. I’ll probably have a look just for the sake of curiosity, but I don’t have much hope.


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2 responses to “First Promo for Teen Titans Go! And It’s Terrible!

  1. Bill

    January 19, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    No one commented so I will. You were 100% right. I collected the original comic. It was amazing. Starfire was THE chick of DC.

    This TTgo s**ts all over what it once was and does nothing to help the brand.

    P.s. my 9 year old likes it…but she watches anything . FU D.C. !!!

    • Hypersonic55

      January 20, 2014 at 12:02 am

      Thank you for swinging by and commenting, I’m glad that someone recognizes the terrible atrocity that this cartoon. It is one of the worst adaptations of the Teen Titans and regardless of whether it is meant for children or not, I feel like there was a much better way to bring the characters back to TV than this.


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