Colin Trevorrow Set to Direct Jurassic Park 4

16 Mar

Okay, I know this story is another one of the older variety but again it is based on a film that I have been following since 2006 and it is another important chapter in one of the most recognized film series in cinematic history in my opinion. Let’s check out the article that superherohype made for this film:


“It was announced in January that Universal Pictures is moving forward with Jurassic Park 4 and, today, a director has been named. Safety Not Guaranteed‘s Colin Trevorrow will helm the franchise sequel.

The Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment production will be produced by Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley with Steven Spielberg as Executive Producer. The script was written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes).

Trevorrow’s Safety Not Guaranteed was released through FilmDistrict and Big Beach Films and stars Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson. The critically-acclaimed film debuted at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival where screenwriter Derek Connolly won the prestigious Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award. The film also won Best First Screenplay at this year’s Independent Spirit Awards, where Trevorrow was nominated for Best First Feature.

The original 1993 Jurassic Park will see a 3D re-release on April 5 of this year, also hitting IMAX 3D theaters. Jurassic Park 4, meanwhile, is scheduled for release on June 13, 2014.”

So now not only does Jurassic Park 4 have a release date but it also has a director too, this film is actually moving ahead! When a film gets a director it means the studios behind is serious about that project coming to life. Now I am not familiar with Colin Trevorrow, haven’t seen any of his work, so I guess I’ll have to have a look at before I see the new Jurassic Park film.

With all this talk about Jurassic Park 4 it’s getting me all hyped up to see the original film again but in the cinema in 3D later on in the year. Like Back to the Future it was a film I saw many times as a kid but only on VHS and TV and I’ve wanted to see something as classic as that in the cinema so when the summer comes I’ll be in love with nostalgia all over again! 😀


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3 responses to “Colin Trevorrow Set to Direct Jurassic Park 4

  1. sanclementejedi

    March 16, 2013 at 1:55 am

    I really enjoyed Safety Not Guaranteed so this may be a good call having him direct this film. About a year ago I had a film discussion about what film do you first recall really loving and so many people picked Jurassic Park it sort of surprised me. However, for a lot of folks of that generation it seems to be one of their best film memories. I hope this new one turns out well.

    Say friend it’s my first time checking out your blog, if you get a chance swing by our film site and say hi.

    • Hypersonic55

      March 16, 2013 at 10:14 am

      Ah alright, well your words about his film gives me hope for this film and yeah I’d definitely say that Jurassic Park is just one of those films that’s been embedded in people’s memories since the 90s, there’s a lot to love about it.

      Thanks for commenting yo and I will indeed check out your site asap!! 🙂

      • sanclementejedi

        March 16, 2013 at 2:05 pm

        Coolio, I will shoot back here again


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