My Mate Mel

28 Feb

Now this was a blog post I was meant to have written and finished back in November 2012 but unfortunately time literally got away from me and I had to push it back to 2013. But now that I have an open window of opportunity I feel that is time for me to tell you about my lovely friend Melissa, who is honestly one of the best friends I’ve ever had!


Now in order to tell you about my mate Mel I have to tell the story of how we met because it wasn’t by conventional means. Now back in 2006 when MySpace was still around and the big social networking website, I was hanging around there when I was contacted by girl called Mel and we connected mainly based on our love for Jamiroquai. Yes, the power of the acid jazz band Jamiroquai brought us together! Talk about the power of music yo! After that we got conversing for a while and then started talking on MSN, and even exchanged phone numbers and had long ass texting and phone call conversations. And naturally we eventually moved onto Facebook and kept in contact. She was technically my first online friend I’d ever made such a solid connection with.

So after a good few years of messaging online, texting and calling each other, in 2011 when I applied for university and one of my picks was Sheffield Hallam University imagine my surprise when I found out that Mel went to the same uni. I knew at that time that I had to get in and when I was finally accepted there both of our excitement levels went over 9000! And then after missing each other in Fresher’s Week we finally met up face to face in October 2011. It was frigging surreal experience which I couldn’t get over at. But we had a cool time conversing and drinking coffee, it was a beautiful occasion. And from there we ran into each just a little bit in my first year, but in my second year I’ve been seeing her all over the place and we’ve had way more face-to-face interactions. Since she’s in her third year we don’t get to hang too much so I do cherish the times I do get to see her because she’s the best.

So what makes my mate Mel so great? Well firstly look at our friendship, we met online and were from different ends of UK, yet we remained friends for several years before eventually meeting each other in the fresh and we’ve been mates for 7 years. That’s some hardcore stuff. She is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever known; she’s kind, friendly, funny, strange and amazing. Her personality and interests are great and similar to my own, plus she loves Jamiroquai and anyone that respects their music has my respect. Every time I see her it’s like there’s a glow about her and she just seems jolly and that’s the kind of attitude I like. Plus she is a pretty lass too. 😀

It is hard to describe what makes Mel so special to me, all I can say is she is one of the best friends I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and hope that our friendship lasts forever! There are many people in the world and there are very few you can say that you are privileged to know, but my mate Mel is one of them. 🙂

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