New Iron Man 3 Poster Revealed Via Yahoo Movies!

27 Feb

There I am travelling around the internet and then I back to superherohype and then I see that there’s a new poster for Iron Man 3 and there’s me not expecting much before I clicked on it but then I saw it and then I was like “Fuck it, I totally have to blog about how kick ass this poster is!” And so here I am with the poster below, have a look:


Now I dunno about you but this poster literally screams out badass! And what really makes me interested in this poster besides Robert Downey Jr. looking all badass is the fact that all of Tony Stark’s suits are flying off in the background. From what I can see besides the one that Stark is wearing I can only recognize 2 out of the 7 suits in the background which leads me to believe that we’ll see more suits in this film which really excites me. Other than that I am stupidly excited for this film and hope that it doesn’t fall prey to the ‘third film curse’ that’s befallen so many films before. I am just being cautiously optimistic. 🙂 So what do you think of the latest Iron Man 3 poster? Leave a response in the comments section below! 😀

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