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24 Feb

Good day to all of you lovely people of the internet and to all of my followers. Here at the Hypersonic55 blog I have been blogging for just under a year and 4 months on WordPress and over time it’s become really addictive and I love getting results. That feeling of satisfaction you get from one or more people that actually pay attention to you and like and comment on your stuff, I can’t get enough. Anyways today’s blog post is about my upcoming posts I have in the pipeline and believe me when I tell you the number is almost 100 posts AND COUNTING! So let’s getting talking!


As usual I’ll be down in the cinema to review films released this year and will try to have my reviews available within a week of their release unless they aren’t important or some sort of crisis befalls me haha. The next film on my list to review is Cloud Atlas which I’ll hopefully be able to watch tomorrow. As for other films in the cinema I may watch Beautiful Creatures but I dunno if that’ll be my come of tea so we’ll see.

                               CloudAtlas-Poster BEAUTIFUL-CREATURES-poster1

In addition to my cinema-based films I have many other films from previous times that I really want to review. I have some epic reviews of Star Trek and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to name a few. And then there are my plans for the next big ‘Month of’ and in the film department I’ve decided that theme will be… Comic book superhero adaptations! I’ll review at least 30 or more of those films either in March or April so be prepared for the nerdy side of me to come out in full effect! XD

comic book movies

If you thought my reviews for these kinds of films was hardcore in 2012 then prepare for the end when my month of comic book film reviews! 🙂


Now television is something I haven’t done that much of and it is one of the key areas of media I have unintentionally left out because of my backlog of film and video game reviews. But now I have at least a good few reviews building up in my collection. Firstly since I recently got around to finishing Fringe around 2 weeks ago I will be bringing out my review for it, then after that I will be releasing my review Hotel Babylon hopefully. I know I said I’d review season 1 last month, but then time just moved on so hopefully I’ll have the draft completed and published by March. Also after Community season 4 ends I will be reviewing that show as a whole too, it is one of my favourite TV shows ever (next to Fringe) so I’ll be getting that review out later on in the year.

As for cartoons well I will be attempting to re-watch the Ultimate Spider-Man series as much as that pains me to say. I’ll also eventually be reviewing Young Justice and Regular Show too, and when it comes to anime I have a review brewing for Eyeshield 21 and many other shounen series too. And finally I have another ‘Month of’ planned in the form of nostalgic cartoon reviews so pretty for some hardcore memories!

Video Games

With video game reviews I won’t be able to review newer games as I’ve said a few times before because I don’t have the cash, though I will eventually be delivering reviews on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. And when it comes to nostalgia I can promise you some of that in a full amount! So with that in mind I am going to announce that there will be another ‘Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews‘ so prepare for some hardcore more memories!


I don’t really do much in the way of music reviews, however I will still be doing my ‘Favourite Songs‘ blog posts because I still many other artists who haven’t showed up including, AFI, Lostprophets, U2, Blur, Gorillaz, Q-Tip and many more.

Life & Personal Stuff

And the final thing I will continue to blog about is the trials and tribulations of my life. For some reason I like to express myself on this blog and people seem to be interested so I’ll keep doing it. I have many more tales to tell from love and friendship to dreams and aspirations and loads of other stuff!

So that’s it for now, I just hope that you lot will stick around to read the rest of my upcoming material, it’s gonna be some good stuff, I promise! 😀 😀

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