Favourite Songs #12: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Breaking The Girl

23 Feb

Howdy people of the interweb, and welcome to the twelfth edition of my series of blog posts dedicated to some of my favourite songs ever in life. Today’s song is one of the most amazing songs I will ever know in this life or the next, one of the clear definitions of the word CLASSIC; today it’s all about the Red Hot Chili Peppers with the song “Breaking the Girl”.


Ah yes, this is the one. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of my favourite bands in existence and this song is one of those key reasons. I first came across this song either in 2008 or 2009 when I started listening to the Chili Peppers properly via Deezer, I had gone through the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album and after my first listen I was completely transformed as a person. It was at that point when Red Hot Chili Peppers became a band on my radar. There were a lot of great songs on that album from “The Power of Equality” to “Suck My Kiss” to the classic “Under the Bridge”, but the one song that really stood out for me was this one. It was just perfection to my ears. It was until 2010/2011 when I heard the song and again and really fell in love with it!

It’s hard to describe what makes this song so perfect to me, I just know from the time the introduction kicks in my ears are instantly captivated. I love the way the song begins with the guitar and bass, then comes in with the vocals and then with the drums and slowly builds into a song with the instruments and vocals together. The main thing I love about this song is the flow and the melody, it’s so calm and smoothing and yet energetic and rough. My favourite parts of the song would be the chorus and the bridge. The chorus is just sung beautifully by Anthony Kiedis, and John Frusciante’s backing vocals are just lovely too. And then there’s that bridge… Damn! I LOVE IT. It is literally the best thing ever; the percussion break is just full of hard-hitting beats along with the drums which sound so powerful and rhythmic that it sets my soul of fire! When I found out the band used junkyard debris for that part of the song I was so surprised but then even more impressed afterwards. Only the Chili Peppers would take just and find a way to make it awesome in a song!

I also have a pretty deep connection with this song, it always makes me feel better when I’m low and it’s always great to listen to this song in the summer time or in the early hours of the morning. I think this song evaluated to new levels of awesomeness when I saw the Chili Peppers perform this live in Sheffield back in November 2011. Check out the video someone uploaded from that night below:

So to conclude “Breaking the Girl” by Red Hot Chili Peppers is just perfection to me. It perfectly embodies what I love about this band; beautiful melodies with great lyrical content that makes your ears melt. I can say that is possibly my favourite Chili Peppers song of all time (next to “I Could Die For You”, “Can’t Stop” and “Road Trippin'”). If you haven’t already experienced the magic that is “Breaking the Girl” go do yourself a favour and do it now that along with the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album is masterpiece-level music there yo! 😀

Well that’s another song review done, what do you think of the Chili Peppers and my choice of song? Whatever your thoughts are leave me a comment below and be sure to come back next time for another song review yo! 😀


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2 responses to “Favourite Songs #12: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Breaking The Girl

  1. CMrok93

    February 23, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    Not my favorite off of that album (definitely goes to Sir Psycho Sexy), but pretty damn good. Just a solid album all-around and totally changed the way people looked at these whacko’s. And I mean whacko’s in the loving sense.

    • Hypersonic55

      February 24, 2013 at 3:49 pm

      Thanks for commenting yo! Yeah man that album was definitely a game changer and its an album I love to revisit from time to time just because I feel its sound is timeless. 🙂


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