Wolverine Puts on a Suit in New Image From The Wolverine

29 Jan

While the title was misleading on superherohype I did like the actual images I came across, just have a look at how badass Logan/Wolverine looks here:



Just have a look at that top picture, wow. I hate to sound like I have the hots for Hugh Jackman, but he does look very classy in that suit. Wolverine has never looked so smart, at least in a film format. It seems like the filmmakers are really taking this film an interesting direction and embracing the Japanese culture. What I get from this is that Wolverine is dressed up to go up against the Yakuza or something, because the Japanese Yakuza like the Italian Mafia all wear fancy suits.

As for the bottom picture that seems like more typical Logan attire. Nice. I can really get anything else from that picture really besides the fact that Jackman’s expression shows us that he seems on a mission to get somewhere or do someone in there.

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