Alison Brie Isn’t ‘Opposed’ To ‘Captain America’ Role

29 Jan

I found this article to be pretty interesting, because obviously I saw the picture first and was like “Damn!” And then I went to investigate and found the information on Alison Brie and how she felt about the upcoming Captain America sequel. The following article comes from Splash Page MTV:

“Chris Evans is Captain America, but there’s another actor out there who might be better-suited for the part.

Recently, a photoshopped image of “Community” actress Alison Brie as Captain America found its way online β€” and onto Brie’s radar. The actress spoke with MTV News all about the “Captain America” picture at Sundance, and also spoke to rumors that she might have an actual part in the upcoming sequel.

“Many, many a person have sent this to me on Twitter, actually,” Brie said of the photo, pictured below. “I’m impressed with the abs. I’m down with it. Are you kidding? I love it. I’m going to go break Chris Evans’ kneecap, because obviously the second-best person to step into that role is me.”

Brie might not have to break any kneecaps to get a role in “The Winter Soldier,” as she’s already rumored for one of the film’s leads. For now, her lips are sealed on the prospect. “But I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” she said.

As for the directors of “Captain America,” Joe and Anthony Russo, Brie had nothing but glowing reviews for the sibling filmmakers β€” and she should know, having worked with the pair on numerous “Community” episodes.

“I’m excited that they’re going to do it,” she shared. “I think they’re going to bring something different to it. I love the Russo brothers. I just adore them. I think they’re incredible. Everything they do is incredible. It’ll be a nice change for those Marvel superhero movies, to have a fresh take on it.””


Firstly whoever photoshopped this picture should be commended, it looks pretty professional and almost completely realistic. Now while we know she’ll never be Captain America in the films, if she played an excited fan or parodied the hero in a TV show or film that’d be just fine by me. As for her involvement in the sequel we can see that she’s aware that she’s in the running for the role I think and she does seem interested in being part of Captain America 2. Besides being the absurd mixture of cuteness and hotness, Alison Brie is a great actress especially in Community (one of my favourite TV Shows ever!). She should absolutely be in this film, it’d be fantastic. Here’s hoping she does get the role eventually! πŸ™‚

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