First Official Image From THOR: THE DARK WORLD Revealed!

28 Jan

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes! Yes! Yes! One thing I love more than video game news is film news on new Marvel films and Thor: The Dark World is on my most wanted list! I have paid close attention to this film and now we have the first official from Check it out below:


So while it may be more of a set picture than a proper clean official-looking one it does gives a look at Thor back in uniform alongside new director Alan Taylor. It warms my soul to see Chris Hemsworth not only back in his uniform looking all badass but to also see that he’s retained his look from The Avengers (longer blonde hair and the darker beard). When you compare him back to the way he looked in Thor back 2011 he really does look different and it seems like there’s a transition from where he was then to where he is now. I always think it is important for the hero of a story to look slightly different in the sequel to their first appearance, I feel it brings a sense of change and progression. Anyways outside of Chris Hemsworth as Thor what else can we see? Well from the look of the location it looks like they’re on a set rather than using a CGI-based location which is good. Plus I dunno if this is my eyes playing tricks on me but is that Loki in the background to the left of this picture? If so then it makes me wonder what he’s doing there.

Well anyways I just wanted to share this magic with you and hopefully we’ll get some proper pictures, posters and maybe even a teaser trailer soon enough.

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