Project X Zone Coming to North America and Europe!

21 Jan

YES, YES AND YES AGAIN! I knew this would happen and it has. Finally Project X Zone, one of the most demanded 3DS games to be brought over to the west has been localized for North America and Europe! Here’s the original report of IGN:

“Good news for fans of Sega, Namco-Bandai, Capcom, and all things mashups, Project X Zone will be getting the localization treatment for North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia. The game is currently slated to release in summer 2013.

Released back in October in Japan, Project X Zone features more than 200 characters across 29 different franchises. It features characters from three different huge Japanese developers, all coming together to brawl in a turn-based strategy/fighting game combination. Yeah, it’s a little crazy.”

I knew that this would happen, I just knew it. There was no way that Japan were gonna keep an awesome game like that all to themselves, the fans cried out for it and we all got what we wanted. Now I don’t if this was down to the people over in Japan seeing sense and deciding to spread the love to the US and Europe or whether it was down to the fan outcry to get the game localized. Whatever the case may be I am glad to see that this game will be coming out over here in the west so yay! 😀

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