My Response to the Wii U’s Failing Sales in the UK

06 Jan

Well I’m not surprised by this news in the slightest. Not to be cruel or anything but considering the way the Wii U is currently it should come as no surprise really. Anyway allow me to explain. Now back in September there was bare hype for the console especially in Japan and North America, but over here in the UK I didn’t feel the hype so much. In most gaming forums and websites I passed by there was little excitement or anticipation for the new Nintendo console. And when the prices were announced for North America and Japan and while a tad high it was accepted by the fans and people got pre-ordering.

However in the Europe we were told that European distributors would set their own prices and that immediately was the wrong decision to make. Why set prices in other territories but leave Europe to do its own thing with pricing, for me that’s just unfair. And it wasn’t until October when prices started to show up from gaming distributors, and the prices were varied as hell! Online distributors like Amazon and were probably the most fair when it came to prices it was still bloody high! The 8GB Basic Set was going for around £240 and that was at least £60 more than the original Wii and the £32GB Deluxe Set was at least £300 or more and that was just ridiculous. Then put on top of that the set list of games available from day one had not yet been determined in the UK and that there was no proper marketing for the Wii U, and you have a console that really isn’t making much of a fuss.

And then of course November came around and the console was released in North America and the hype was fairly good but in the UK the console barely enough kicked up a fuss. Sure there were people that bought the console and many of its games, but the numbers weren’t nowhere as near as much as that of North America or Japan. I think it is simply down to the fact that console is too expensive, the marketing wasn’t strong enough and it didn’t seem to make enough of an impact with UK audiences for them to make a purchase. Well we’re in a new year now and in 2013 Nintendo really needs some new and exciting games, a better marketing campaign for their console and some new and innovative features in order to keep its console alive in my opinion.

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The Wii U appears to be seriously struggling in the UK with Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U failing to appear in the UK top forty all-formats charts during the busy Christmas period. Ubisoft’s well-received Far Cry 3 claimed the number one spot during the week ending December 29th. Nintendo will surely be concerned about the lack of impact the Wii U is having in the United Kingdom. You can view the entire top forty all-formats charts right here.

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2 responses to “My Response to the Wii U’s Failing Sales in the UK

  1. Ben H

    January 6, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    I agree that it’s down to pricing. I work for Blockbuster, the video store, and we sell the premium pack with Zombie-U at £329.99. That’s a staggering chunk of money, when you can get better graphics and a blu-ray player in the form of a PS3 for half the price. Also, the new WII-U controllers are expensive too so if you have a large family and want to play multi-player, that’s another £100 you could be spending on controls.

    I fail to see what the WII-U brings to the table and until they slash prices, it’ll continue to do badly in my opinion.

  2. Guardian Hero

    January 6, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    What Nintendo needs is more surprise “oh-by-the-way” announcements such as Bayonetta 2.

    Tech savvy consumers already know that the Wii U is between 7 and 20 times more powerful than the PS3 and 360 (should the developers take advantage of the new GPU structure), and that simply by porting over their code without optimizations, the Wii U can easily emulate existing PS3 and 360 hardware without a hitch. They can even be significantly improved upon such as in Ninja Gaiden and Mass Effect.

    What the remaining consumers need is to know that all the franchises they want to see will continue in their best form on Wii U hardware, with a superset of the functionality that they’re used to. More surprise announcements like Bayonetta 2 will convey exactly that message.

    What games?
    Perhaps Street Fighter Alpha IV? Capcom’s been hinting both at the return to the Street Fighter Alpha style, and that the Wii U will receive new games from them.
    Atlus has received a phenomenal reception with their Wii, DS, and 3DS games. With a return to the main-line franchise in SMT4 on the 3DS, It’s pretty obvious that they have at least one SMT game in planning for the Wii U.
    Of course, we won’t know what those games will be until those announcements are made, and frankly, we don’t even need to know yet. There are at least 20 games already available, not including eShop offerings, so we should take some time to enjoy those.


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