Man of Steel Trailer #2 Review

12 Dec

I technically would have reviewed this yesterday, but I didn’t feel completely compelled to talk about it. Anyways, Man of Steel is the new Superman film coming out next year and the second trailer came out yesterday. By now you should have had enough time to see it, if you have yet to view it, check on the trailer below:

Okay now let’s review this trailer!

Alrighty then, now this is a very interesting trailer, the look, the tone and style is completely different from the Superman films of the past. There seems to be a heavy emphasis on Superman’s life prior to donning the suit, we see scenes of him as a kid where there’s an incident involving a school bus falling into the sea and I assume Clark saves them. But it seems like his actions don’t have those good heroic outcomes and instead make him come across as an outsider, forcing him to keep his powers a secret. There was some cool moments with Superman walking with his cape flying around towards the camera and there’s this beautiful moment where Superman is just about to take off, stones start to levitate and the air around him starts shift just before he flies off into the sky. I really like the look of this film, the use of colour is interesting because most of them are all muted and there seems to be a heavy use of greys and darkness similar to Watchmen in my opinion. The CGI looks up to scratch and the dynamic camera angles make me feel like this film will have the action sequences covered too. Man of Steel really seems like it’s got a heavy focus on the alienation of Superman from the rest of the world and how the people of the planet will eventually come to accept him at their hero. This trailer really didn’t give anything away and after watching it there are still many questions about the film that you want to learn about.

My only issue with this trailer is besides a few cool shots of Cavill in the uniform and seeing Michael Shannon as General Zod, the rest of this trailer does exactly make me scream like a little girl and make me want to scream towards the heavens in excitement. I mean when I watched the trailer for Iron Man 3 I blew up and even the little teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was enough to send me into a crazy state of excitement. I am still interested in the film, don’t misunderstand me, I just hope the second trailer that comes out a few months down the line will be able to make me stupidly hyped for Man of Steel like everyone else on the internet seems to be at the moment.

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