Where’s the reviews?

08 Dec

Hello to all my subscribers and the many people of the internet reading this blog post. Now as some of you may be aware on this blog in addition to post personal things, I review a lot of films too along with video games and TV shows. However recently there has been a decline in the amount of reviews that I have done recently. So some of you may be asking, “Where the reviews at?” Well allow me to explain.

Basically it’s down to life. Recently university has thrown a lot of work and deadlines at me and obviously that does take some priority over my blog, but also in addition to my uni work increasing, there’s also my job and money situations to take care of too. In truth my money situation though it’s not as bad as it was last month, but it’s still not completely sorted so I’ve missed out on going to the cinema because of that. And also with my jobs at the agency I work for, that’s taken some of my time away too. I’ve also been working on my YouTube channel and Facebook page for my video reviews too, so there’s that.

The last time I was at the cinema was around two weeks ago when I saw Skyfall again and finally got around to watching Frankenweenie too. I have been meaning to get back and watch a hell of a lot of films, but uni, work and other outside occurrences have kept me away from my place of leisure. However I am here to say worry no more, new reviews are on the horizon. Below are a just a few films I plan to see over the next few days:


I will attempt to watch all of these films in the next week or so.

In addition to my film reviews I plan to finally get back to my TV reviews and finally get around to watching and reviewing Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Along with that I also plan on finally reviewing two video games from this year that I’ve had for a while and they are Sonic 4: Episode 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 HD.

After December 21st I’ll be free to come and go from the cinema as I please so that’ll increase my review output by quite a bit. So look forward to my madness as it emerges. 😀

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