Rise of the Guardians Review

08 Dec

All I can say is finally! I’ve been meaning to watch this film for a week and after my chaotic week with uni I thought I’d never get around to it, but luckily I got into the cinema and watched Rise of the Guardians and I thought it was awesome!

The story in the film involves the Guardians, a group made up of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Sandman, who enlist Jack Frost to stop Pitch (the Boogeymen) from engulfing the world in darkness. The story overall is pretty decent, offering a fun tale with an interesting take on these imaginary characters that reside within the minds of children, it does have the right amount of emotion and humour that one could find in these types of animated films. Unfortunately the plot does fall into familiar territory and feels a little generic in places, and there were a few instances where the film had a few ideas that weren’t fully capitalized on. One should note though at the center of this film is Jack Frost, it is his story after all. It is he who longs to be seen and believed in, it is also he who is recruited into the group of the Guardians, and finally he is the one who has the key element necessary to take on the Boogeymen. This was my favourite aspect of the film, I was really invested in his story and I connected with it a lot.

Another strong aspect of Rise of the Guardians is its characters, the creative, intricate and colourful takes on these characters is pretty damn awesome. Chris Pine as Jack Frost is very cool, likeable, funny and relatable. He is the carefree spirit of winter that lives by his own rules, but also longs to be seen, and appreciated like the other Guardians. His character transforms over the course of the film and I like the journey he goes on too. One of the scene-stealers would be Alec Baldwin as North aka Santa Claus. When I found out it was Alec Baldwin doing the voice of Santa I blew up, his voice is nearly unrecognizable. This version of Santa is definitely more active, funny and interesting then the basic version that we know of in the real world. From his use of Yetis as workers to the way his elves to his amazing Russian accent, he does come across as a leader and has some of the best scenes in the film.

Also Hugh Jackman as the Easter Bunny was awesome, I loved his Australian accent and the funny lines that he had were perfect. I loved how they handled his mythology and made him such a badass, I never really cared for the Easter Bunny when  was young, but if he was anything like this then he would have been worth paying attention to. Then there’s Isla Fisher as Tooth aka Tooth Fairy who was wonderful, again like the Easter Bunny I loved the way they handled the legend behind the way she operates, Fisher was cute as Tooth and the film really did add layers to a character that could have been as plain as Tinkerbelle. And lastly the final scene-stealer would be Jude Law as Pitch aka The Boogeymen. Law was frigging amazing as Pitch, he was intimidating, cruel and had a wonderful voice and sense of humour. I liked the way his mythology was handled and how much of a force he was not only against the Guardians, but against the world too.

One thing that’s impeccable about Rise of the Guardians is the presentation. Visually its incredible and one of my favourite DreamWorks films from the use of its art direction to the incredibly detailed CGI. This is very noticeable when it comes to characters, locations and the crazy action sequences. And speaking of the action it was wonderfully animated and well-placed in terms of camera shots and angles, the flying sequences and moments of fast-paced movement were done wonderfully and I was definitely getting some vibes from Kung-Fu Panda 2 and the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films too. The soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat is pretty good too, while it’s not as memorable as the visuals, it still works as a whole and in those moments of emotion.

In conclusion Rise of the Guardians was a fun time and definitely a fine animated film. While the story is only okay and could have been more, I did enjoy Jack’s story and really did connect with him, which along with the fine voice acting, amazing visuals and awesome action sequences makes this film worth watching. I recommend Rise of the Guardians highly, I really liked this film and it’s one of my favourite films of the year.

Rating: 8/10

Alrighty then, thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts on the film in the comments below! Until the next review, later on peeps!

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