Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews: Super Smash Bros.

30 Nov

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to Day #30, the final day of my Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews where I’ll be giving you reviews of some of my most nostalgic video games from my childhood. And today we have one of my all-time favourite nostalgic games. I really did save a great game for last. Readers I present to you one of the most classic and chaotic games on the N64. Enter Super Smash Bros.!

Now these days most people know what Smash Bros. is probably because of Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Nintendo Wii. But most people outside of the age of 20 don’t really know about what comes before. While some fans and casual gamers are aware of Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Gamecube, most people don’t know about the first entry in the series on the N64. And it’s a darn shame because it’s a great game from the N64 days. So in my review today I’ll be talking about the game in detail and covering my memories with the game yo.

So Super Smash Bros. was a fighting game developed by HAL Laboratory for the Nintendo 64 which was released in 1999. Unlike many fighting games of that point in time this was a crossover game which featured different Nintendo characters, items and locations coming together into one game.

In terms of gameplay you took control of one of the twelve characters and fought against them in Nintendo-themed stages on a 2D plane with the intent of taking them out. Unlike normal fighting games where you had to deplete a life bar in order to defeat your enemies, in Smash Bros. you have to knock them off of the stage. In order to do that you have to build up enough damage on your opponents and then knock them off of the stage either down the bottomless pit or send them flying left or right off of the screen or up into the sky where they disappear into the background. Characters have a number percentage which is the equivalent of a life bar, but instead of making it go down, when they take damage the percentage goes up. Once their damage is around 100% then you can send them flying off-screen, also when sent flying away from the stage characters have the chance to recover using one of their jump moves.

When it comes to controls Smash Bros. uses the same one-attack-button, one-control-stick-direction combinations to access all moves for all characters. Each character has specific attacks tailored to them. Characters are free to run around and attack anyone they want and are not limited to one person. You can grab and throw characters and there’s also blocking and dodging mechanics too.

In single-player mode you have Classic Mode, Training and two mini games. In Classic Mode you have the choice of five difficulties and the choice of any character, and take on several different characters over several stages with two mini games in between and then your final boss encounter with the Master Hand. If you run out of time or run out of lives you get a game over, you have the choice to continue but your score is significantly cut down. “Break the Targets” and “Board the Platforms” are the two mini games in single-player and the objective is to break each target or board each platform, respectively. The goal must be achieved without falling off each character-specific stage.

In multiplayer up four people can play together in timed or stocked matches. You can set the rules beforehand and you had the choice of fighting in free for all or team battles. A winner is declared once time runs out, or if all players except one or a team have lost all of their lives.

I can recall the days playing Smash Bros. on N64 like it was yesterday. Again thanks to my school friend I was introduced to the world of Smash Bros., and damn my mind was blown! From the time you watch that epic intro movie to the title screen where you get that epic narrator shouting, “SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” It makes you wet your pants because of the epicness! Being able to fight as Mario against Fox McCloud while watching out for Kirby and Pikachu too, it was crazy stuff, and I loved it! At that point in time I had never come across any game that had several characters from different franchises in the same place. It was like The Avengers of video games haha. But yeah I loved being able to play as my favourite characters like Mario, Link or Pikachu in different locations from Saffron City to Yoshi’s Island to Planet Zebes, it was just so varied and diverse. Also the use of items was great and interesting too. While I played the singe player mode a lot, it was all about the multiplayer (like most other N64 games). I played this game with my sister and school friends for ages and it was our favourite game back in the day. When I can be arsed to set up my N64 I still come back to this game was while it moves significantly slower than its successors, it’s still fun and still has the most spacious stages in the series in terms of width which I really like.

In conclusion Super Smash Bros. was the start of something big. It was fighting game that played by its own rules and stood out from other games in the genre. The whole crossover element of the game was one of the key aspects that made it loved by fans and kept things interesting. The gameplay was fun and crazy, the graphics were lovely and music was fabulous. This came was just pure fan service for Nintendo gamers and it obviously set basis for the next two games in the series on the Gamecube and Wii. Super Smash Bros. is a lovely game from the past and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some fighting fun with Nintendo characters.

Okay, that’s it! That was the last video game review and its right on time too. It’s been a long month, I’ve had to balance this series of blog posts with my uni work, film reviews and YouTube stuff as well, but it was all worth it. I love to write and review things, plus it was a great excuse for me to revisit my youth and share some of my epic memories with you readers. Well hopefully you enjoyed the last thirty days of game review from me, remember to drop a comment and I guess I’ll see ya around! 😀

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