Rant 09: I Can’t Stand Cold Weather, Again!

28 Nov

Howdy people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will me returning to the subject of cold weather and why it bothers me so much.

Now if you read my last post on cold weather which was all the way back in February, I basically talked about how cold weather inconvenienced my life and made my days off at university so dull and boring. So here we are at the latter part of the year and the winter season kicked in around early October, bringing with it those cold winter winds that makes us shiver. and since then the weather’s gotten progressively worse. Now obviously this is the way the world works, we have four seasons and this one always shows up at this time of year, but in the UK winter just sucks.

This is what the sun looks like when September disappears and the winter starts to kick in.

As soon as those winter winds kick in you have to start wrapping up with more layers of clothing, the days soon become windy and full of rain and all the stuff you could outside do before is either no longer possible or they just become a task because of the weather. I mean if you want to meet up with your friends and it’s raining then no one wants to come outside or if its raining you have to go outside for whatever reason, then it becomes a task just to move from A to B if you’re walking with any transportation. Then there’s the wind, wind in the winter season is nothing but trouble. The air is cold enough and then you have the wind blowing it all over the place making things even worse. And then there’s the dark days that come with the winter which makes travelling at night a right pain in the ass. If you’re coming from uni at night then you have to endure the walk home in the rain or snow, those are truly the worst days. Or if you’re a typical student then going on out to party is a must, but the precautions you have to take beforehand and travelling you have to do is so much effort. You either have to bring an extra coat before hand or endure running through the rain/snow. And there’s the times when the weather’s so bad that you can’t go out and have fun. It is bullshit!

This is how the rain makes people feel.

You know the funny thing is I never used to be fussed about the winter season a few years ago, but after I started getting out of the house more and going on nights out with my friends the weather has continuously worked against me and created horrible situations that I shall never forget. I have come to the conclusion in recent times that I am just adverse to cold weather and the winter season in general. I am a man who belongs in the sun. From the latter part of October onwards I consider this time of year to be an endurance test just to survive until spring shows up in April. The weather so far has been a mixed bag of okay to downright awful and depressing, but you know what the worst part is that we haven’t even gotten to the really bad weather yet. The snow is yet to come… Ah snow *grumbles*. The only good thing to come out of the coming months is that there will be some badass films in the cinema to lift my spirits. but until that time comes I’m just gonna have to endure this cruddy weather until next year. LAME!

Okay that’s another rant over. Thanks for reading. If you would like to read more of my rants and check out my other content then follow my blog yo. 😀

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