Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews: Pokemon Gold & Silver

20 Nov

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to Day #20 of my Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews where I’ll be giving you reviews of some of my most nostalgic video games from my childhood. And today we have what I call one of the best second instalments of any game series ever. Continuing the Pokémon hype, today I’m going to give you my nostalgic memories of the second generation of these games in the form of Pokémon Gold & Silver!

Back in the late 90s Pokémon was in full effect and everyone was on the hype with the games, TV shows, the trading cards, the toys and the other merchandise. Little was I aware that there was another new Pokémon instalment on the horizon, and when that second generation hit the world, Pokémon became the biggest thing in the world again. It was critically acclaimed, the fans loved it and still hail it as one of the best, if not the best generation in the series. It sold over 23 million copies and even got remade for the Nintendo DS with addition enhancements which until Pokémon Black and White 2 was the definitive Pokémon experience. Anyway read on to find out why these games are such a big deal.

So Pokémon Gold & Silver got released in 1999 Japan and to Australia and North America in 2000 and Europe in 2001. And just like in the first game you aim was to become a Pokémon master, collect gym badges and complete the Pokedex by collecting all of the Pokémon in existence. However there were many innovations to the basic formula from before like:

  • They were 100 new Pokémon added to the mix, bringing the total number of Pokémon to 251.
  • There were two new types of Pokémon added in the form of Dark and Steel Pokémon.
  • Three new types of legendary Pokémon showed up in the form of Raikou, Entei and Suicune. These legendary dogs moved the entire Johto region and while you could track their movements, running into them was game of chance, and catching them would be very tricky without a proper strategy.
  • There was also the introduction of shiny Pokémon (even though I’ve never seen one ever).
  • Pokémon could now hold items which had special attributes in battle.
  • Berries were added to the game series, they came in different forms from just restoring health to curing poison to restore PP for your moves. This worked in and outside of battle. And if you gave the berry to your Pokémon to hold then it would take effect at the right moment in battle.
  • A real-time day and night cycle was added to the game, this meant that certain Pokémon would only show up at certain points in the day. Also there were events that took place on specific days too.
  • A new item called the Pokégear was introduced, functioning as a watch, map, radio, and phone, allowing you to call characters who offer their phone number. Trainers will call for a rematch and others will call about rare Pokémon that can be caught in a certain area.
  • Pokémon could now breed thanks to a Pokémon Day-care place; if you had a male and female version of a Pokémon (or a Ditto) then you could make an egg and hatch a baby Pokémon.
  • New Poke Balls were introduced for different situations, allowing Pokémon catching easier.
  • In addition to exploring the new Johto region, players could backtrack to the Kanto region from the first game expanding their journey by double.

When it came to my memories with Gold & Silver it was heaven! I have never played a Pokémon game more than this generation. I basically sucked the life out of my Pokémon Silver cartridge on my Game Boy Colour. I bought the game off of my friend in school for £10 and to be honest that was my best purchase of anything ever, Pokémon Silver was my obsession. I played it everywhere, at home, at school and when I went to see my family in London too, I just loved how much bigger the game was than Red and Blue and the fact that you got to go back to the Kanto region and beat all of the Gym Leaders there was so awesome. I also loved the overall structure of the Johto region, the game had a better flow, the day and night cycles was amazing and I loved the Pokégear, I listened to the radio all the time and waited forever to get phone calls from trainers waiting for a rematch. This game just had everything. I loved the improved visuals, the new Pokémon to catch and battle, the new levels of exploration and the music, my god. IT WAS AMAZING! It is one of my favourite game soundtracks ever! It so so nostalgic, addictive and just overall is just the best Pokémon soundtrack hands down!

So to conclude, Pokémon Gold & Silver completely eclipsed the original games in every way. It had better gameplay, much more Pokémon to battle and collect, it was a much bigger journey to complete and the presentation was so much better than before. To me this still remains the definitive Pokémon experience and with the enhanced ports on the DS it really is the best way to play Pokémon in my opinion. There haven’t been many games I’ve lost my life to, but the second generation of Pokémon was the first and I loved every bit of it. My love for these games is eternal and beyond words. If you have yet to experience this version of Pokémon, go out and do it now, Gold & Silver the Pokémon games you should be playing. Fact! 🙂

Do give these enhanced ports a try, they are incredible and pack a deal of nostalgia yo!

Alrighty then people that is another review sorted; hopefully you were feeling the nostalgia as much as I was. Do remember to share your gaming experiences in the comments below, and be sure to come back tomorrow for some more gaming nostalgia! 😀 😀

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