Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews: James Bond 007

14 Nov

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to Day #14 of my Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews where I’ll be giving you reviews of some of my most nostalgic video games from my childhood. And today we have a funny little hidden gem from the late 90s on the Game Boy in the shape of James Bond 007.


The 90s was a good time for Bond, the film franchise got reinvigorated with GoldenEye in 1995 and then got a game based on the film in 1997 which went on to be one of the biggest games in history for the first-person shooter and movie-tie-in game genres. However outside all of this hype, there was a little James Bond video game for the Game Boy in 1998 that came along and while it was probably not remembered by many, for me and those other fans in the world who used to own this game there was some fun to be had with this game.

So for those not in the know James Bond 007 was an action adventure game released in 1998 for the Nintendo Game Boy that played more like The Legend of Zelda for NES rather than the GoldenEye on N64. In the game features a story where Bond travels from country to country coming across characters from previous Bond films, such as Oddjob and Jaws. When it comes to gameplay you played the game in a top-down perspective and as James Bond you could dispose of your enemies with weapons or karate. And like the NES Legend of Zelda you needed to find and use items at certain points in the game in order to solve a puzzle or beat impossible odds.


For me this game was frigging awesome, and that wasn’t because it was some really amazing and memorable game. It was simply because it was simple and fun to play and I used to play it repeatedly. I guess liked this game because you went from one place to another taking out enemies with your fists and guns with ease and I also liked finding items which would advance the story too. Also sprite work for this game was funny and the music, man the music for this game was so badass! From the title music which was a simplified version of the James Bond theme to all of the other kick ass music in the levels, I just thought the soundtrack was so cool back then. I think I stopped playing this game after 2003 when I got my Game Boy Advance and I never came across it again until I watched a walk-through of the game on YouTube last year. I was just chilling in my uni accommodation and remembered James Bond 007 on Game Boy and then looked for it online and then the nostalgia just came flooding back! 🙂


While this game is not a mandatory play I’d say still give it a try if you could find a copy or watch a playthrough on YouTube. James Bond 007 is a funny little game that is pretty enjoyable if you give it a chance. 🙂

Well that’s another review done, hopefully you liked it. Remember to comment and remember to come back tomorrow for more nostalgic games! 😀

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