Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Begins Production!

30 Oct

While I have been loosely following the progress Sin City 2, the fact that the film is finally moving into the production phase and luckily superherohype is providing info in the following article:

“THR is reporting that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For officially began shooting today in Austin, Texas. The sequel has been in development for a long time and is now finally on track for its 2013 release date.

We’ve also learned of the addition of two more cast members to the film. First up, we will officially see the return of Jaime King, who portrayed Goldie and Wendy in the first film and reprises her role as Wendy in the sequel. Jamie Chung will also be stepping into the shoes worn by Devon Aoki in the first film for the role of deadly little Miho. THR also points out that many roles in the film still remain unfilled at this time, so we should expect more details on those very soon.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was developed by Frank Miller based upon his graphic novel, with a screenplay by Miller and Academy Award winner William Monahan (The Departed). Robert Rodriguez and Miller are directing the October 4, 2013 release.

(Photo Credit: Dan Jackman/Stefan Jeremiah/”

Besides the fact the film is finally in production which makes me breathe a sign of relief, I am also glad to see Jaime King returning as Goldie and Wendy as I remember her being very good in the film (and also being pretty hot too). However why Jaime Chung is in this film I will never know. While admittedly she did look pretty hot in Sucker Punch, that still doesn’t excuse her from being a part of Dragon Ball: Evolution, that disgusting piece shit live action adaptation of one of my favourite anime/manga series’ ever. She destroyed the character of Chi Chi and I shall never let that go. I still can’t believe this film is set to come out in 2013, it’s just a lot sooner than I’d expected, oh well it just means next year is getting even more interesting for films. Anyways I can’t wait to see more info in this film as it comes.

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