Random Blog 02: Hair!

28 Oct

Yo people, even though it’s been many months since the last one I would like to welcome you the second instalment of the Random Blog series. And today at the request of a classmate of mine I am making a blog post about hair, I don’t really know why but it was a request I said I would fulfill so here we are. Yeah. XD

So hair, we all have it. It lives on heads, on our arms, backs, legs, up our noses and in other regions of our bodies that I shall not get into. But anyways this blog post will be mainly on the hair you find on your head.

Hairy backs, lol. 😀

I’m not sure what I can really say about hair really, it’s just a common thing that everyone has it. However not everyone’s hair is the same, sometimes it comes down to genetics or sometimes people can be very creative with it and create some interesting and crazy hairdos from it.

See anyone can have hair and this looks alright…

But when you’re a little more creative with the hair and style it, the end-results can be very interesting.

I guess I find it interesting how hair can be so plain, but at the same time how it can be manipulated and changed into so fancy and stylized creations. I mean your hair can be cut, trimmed, shaved off, dyed another colour, platted, straightened, texturized, gelled, the list goes on. It’s also interesting how hairdos have so many different names like bobs and fringes or mohawks and high tops, it’s pretty funky. Just check out some of these insanely creative hairdos:

The level of creativity that people must have to make these types of hairdos must be on an insane level. But sometimes it’s not just about the over-the-top hair cuts and hairdos, sometimes there are just people in like that have genuinely nice hair. It may just be the style or colour, but the fact that it’s just natural on the persons hair and they carry it so well can be the great things about hairdos. Here’s some of my favourite celebrity hairdos:

Alec Baldwin is awesome and I’ve always loved this hairdo on him, it’s so cool. The slicked back style really works for him and that’s what I’ve really like about his character in 30 Rock.

Here’s have probably my favourite celebrity ever, Will Smith rocking the old school high top. Because of him I always wanted a high top, but my parents never allowed me to have one lol.


Jackie Chan back in the 80s had one of the most beautiful heads of hair ever. Yes I’m a guy and I just said that, but just look at him here from when he starred in Drunken Master, his hair was so rich and full of life.

So with me talking about hair so much I bet you’re curious about my hair aren’t you? Okay probably not, but I’ll tell you about my hair experiences just for the sake of it. Well since I’m just a regular black guy my hair was constantly kept shaven and short, though I deviated from that basic path on a few occasions, sometimes I have patterns in my hair or the most extreme changes where I have had my hair texturized and gelled so it has been either wavy or spiky. Those were the fun days, I used to have to use gel in my hair which is really irregularly for a black guy in my opinion, I don’t really know many who do use gel in their hair lol. The weirdest hair experience I had been when my hair went a shade of red as a result of the texturization. XD

So to conclude hair is a fabulous thing on our heads that can look amazing on its own natural state or can be transformed into fancy creations by very awesome hair stylists. Obviously we have hair in other places of a our body, but I think I will save that conversation for another time. Here’s 2 more epic hair-related pictures for you lot to have a look at:

What a legend, I wish I could meet this guy and shake his hand. This is the best beard ever!


Haha come on what’s a blog post without a bit more hairy back?

Thanks for reading people and look forward to the next Random Blog when it comes!

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