On The Road Review

14 Oct

Okay peeps got another for y’all review and my review will be on the film adaptation of On The Road directed by Walter Salles.

Before watching this film I knew nothing about it, absolutely nothing. I technically went into this film blind and just decided to watch it because I wanted to be spontaneous and watch something outside the normal realm of films that I tend to watch.

So when it comes to the story here’s a summary:

“Young writer Sal Paradise has his life shaken by the arrival of free-spirited Dean Moriarty and his girl, Marylou. As they travel across the country, they encounter a mix of people who each impact their journey indelibly.”

The story in this film was pretty deep and involving. On The Road really is about the connection between people and discovery and experiencing new things. The travelling element of the film was nice, it really did make the film feel fresh and varied and seeing how each new location affected Sal, Dean and their other companions was great to watch. Also the relationship between Sal and Dean was interesting and it was intriguing to see how their friendship would go during the course of their journey especially with all the crazy things that happen.

When it comes to the cast of this film they were pretty good. The acting was pretty solid all-round and to be honest there was a lot of actors and actresses I didn’t expect to see here. I thought Sam Riley as Sal Paradise was great. I found Sal’s story to be very good it was interesting to see his life as a writer and what drives him what feeds his creativity. But the standout performance comes from Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty. In the film Hedlund plays a sex-crazed man who really just lived in the moment and done things for his own benefit not seeing/caring about how his actions affected the people around him. Dean’s character is pretty magnetic and he’s one of those people you hate to love. And then we have Kristen Stewart as Marylou. Honestly I’m just going to say this now, I really don’t like Kristen Stewart and it’s not just because of the Twilight films, there’s just something robotic about her in most films she’s in and there’s something about her as a person that rubs me the wrong way. But surprisingly she was nice in this film, this was the most amount of smiles and varied emotions I’ve seen from her so far and I liked what she did with the character, it wasn’t amazing but tolerable.

Kirsten Dunst as Camille was nice, her character even though she’s not on-screen with the main three cast members she does have relevance in the film and Dunst brought some lovely emotion to Camile. There were also some nice appearances from Terrence Howard as Walter, Amy Adams as Jane and Viggo Mortensen as Old Bull Lee. But the massive surprise was when Steve Buscemi showed up, literally I was thinking about him for some reason during the film and then he appeared on-screen straight afterwards, I was so surprised! And he was pretty good in the film, though his role was very unexpected.

The film was shot pretty well and everything looked like it was presented pretty well, but something that outweighs the visuals is the soundtrack. I really love jazz music and there was a lot of it in this film and it sounded so good, So what didn’t I like about the film? Well while I did like the travelling from place to place aspect of the film, after a while I thought it was getting a bit crazy and I was starting to lose track of locations and where certain characters were. Also this going to sound like a bit lame but I wasn’t really kind on the amount of sex going on in the film, I mean if it’s meant to advance story and be relevant then let it be, but I guess I wasn’t really comfortable with it and after while I started lose interest in the film.

In conclusion On The Road is an interesting about friendship and discovery with some lovely performances from the cast involved and a cracking soundtrack. However I believe that the film was a little too much sexual activity going on in the film for me to be fully invested in the film and some characters felt a bit wasted in the broad view of things. But I would still say have a look at this film, it’s a unique experience.

Rating: 7/10

Well that’s been my review yo, hopefully you enjoyed it and let me know your thoughts on the film in the comment box below. Until next peeps, laters! 😀

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