One year in Sheffield

11 Oct

So here we are in October 2012 and I’ve been thinking and reflecting for a weeks now about Sheffield and how much my life has changed since I came here last September. I just thought to myself, “I have to blog about this!”

It’s weird to think I’ve been living in this city for a year already.

As I mentioned before I came here last September and it was for uni purposes, I joined Sheffield Hallam University to start my degree in animation and immediately when I got there the winds of new beginnings blew right through me. The atmosphere, environment, even the people seemed so different and more exciting than back at home. I was proper hyped to discover the city, the nightlife and my course too. And what I’ve experienced over this last year has been unforgettable.

Let’s start with the city of Sheffield itself, my god its soooooo big. There’s so many roads, buildings and streets and back alleys too. Then there’s all those trams moving around travelling from place to place and nearly running absentminded people over. There’s also many shops in the city centre area too. I’ve seen every kind of shop imaginable and I swear Sheffield must have the most amount of Gregg’s bakeries I’ve ever seen (I think at last count it was around 8!). And then there’s the shopping centre Meadowhall, damn, it’s like being back at Milton Keynes, except it’s slightly bigger and more hectic! And then there’s the Cineworld cinema with 21 friggin screens with an IMAX screen that’s absurdly massive! There is just so much going on in Sheffield and it’s also a very pretty place too, a lot of beautiful sights from the city to parks and it makes for some awesome photography! I’ve just enjoyed getting to know this city and walk everywhere in the summer just discovering new places to hang out or taking in the sights.

Now let’s talk about the nightlife and man, that is a highlight of this city if I do say so myself. When I arrived here last year and went on my first night out it was like an adrenaline rush! So many people, pubs and clubs and bright lights, I was a bit overwhelmed, though it was freshers week at that point. But anyways there is an abundance of pubs and clubs to go to and while I haven’t tried them all out yet, I have had some of my most memorable nights out ever in Sheffield. The friends I have made have made nights out in some of these clubs just insane. And what I really love about this place is that there is a variety of clubs with different and varied types of music and that is a massive plus for me whereas in my home town there isn’t much variation and everything gets pretty stale after constant nights out there.

This place looks incredible at night and there are loads of places to go when it comes to nightlife and socializing.

And lastly there’s my course, the whole reason I came up here in the first place. To be honest my course started out a bit questionably with us doing unnecessary and tedious coursework that really didn’t have much to do with animation in the practical sense. Eventually the life drawing really got me into my course and once I gave the 3D Studio Max and Adobe Flash stuff a chance I did have some degree of fun. But to be honest the course in the first year really wasn’t what I was expecting and didn’t really meet my expectations. Though I have learnt a great many things and there are things I have learnt in my classes that has prepared me for the world of animation when I choose to pursue it as a career later on in life.

To be honest it took me a while to find my feet in Sheffield, from understanding where certain places were to trying to figure out the tram system as opposed to taking busses everywhere like in London. I’ve also faced a great deal of obstacles in Sheffield; I’ve been financially broken for a great deal of my time up here, trying to get a job has been a very tedious and depressing process and being away from home has meant that I’ve had to miss out on so many events and people back at home. Though Sheffield has been kind to me, I’ve made some absolutely awesome friends, finally gotten work in small doses thanks to agency work and thanks to the nights out I’ve kept myself in a happy place when the world felt like it was falling on me. I even got to see not only Lee Evans, but also the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Motorpoint Arena since coming here and those were insane experiences that I’ve never forgotten.

So yeah I love Sheffield and I hope for another great 2 years! 😀

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