Adele’s Skyfall Song Review

08 Oct

So here we are just weeks away from the 23rd entry in the James Bond film series, Skyfall. And after months of rumours and speculation, the main new theme song for latest Bond film by Adele has been released and to be honest it sounds pretty good!


Now I have been looking forward to this new theme for a while, I mean I remember around 2 years ago when Muse were rumoured to do the new Bond theme song, and while I would have loved to have heard a Muse-styled theme song, solid information on that never materialised. So I think it was at some point last year or earlier in 2012 it was rumoured that singer Adele would be the next in line to produce the next Bond theme and with her track record in the music industry it would seem like a safe bet. And now here we are in the early part of October and the song “Skyfall” from the film of the same name has been released.

For me I listened to it as soon as it became available and from the time the song started I listened to it very attentively because Bond theme songs are very important and really do shape the style and atmosphere of the film it accompanies. The song is a very nice, original and nostalgic-feeling type of Bond theme and the key thing that stands out about “Skyfall” is that it really does sound like a classic Bond song like something along the lines of Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger” or “Diamonds Are Forever” mixed with some of 90’s Bond themes like Garbage’s “The World Is Not Enough“. This song feels modern, but also established. I love orchestrated music and the way it’s implemented in this song along with Adele’s vocals is nice. It is a great theme song, however I wish it had a bit more power to it. Adele’s vocals weren’t pushed to the limit and prefer when singers go the full 10 miles for Bond songs. The classical instruments didn’t fully explode and I love theme where this build up and then have a massive breakdown or get really hyped up towards the end like my personal favourites “Live And Let Die“, “A View To A Kill“, “Goldfinger” or “Goldeneye” to name a few.

Overall “Skyfall” by Adele is pretty good and even though the song’s only been out for around 3 days, the early reception it has received has been very good. Most fans and critics agree that it was better than “Another Way To Die” (even though I kind of like that song, it really grew on me). It’s hard to tell how well this Bond theme will hold up in years to come or how it will stack up against Bond themes of the past. I guess we’ll see after the release of the Skyfall film when it hits UK shores on October 26. Bring on Bond! 😀

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