One Year on WordPress. Yay!

27 Sep

As of yesterday I have been on WordPress for year exactly, so I thought why not do a blog post about it. So in this post I will be just talking about my time as a blogger and how it started as something to do for uni to becoming my obsession and favourite pass time.

So as I said before when I started university last year, we were told to create accounts on LinkedIn and WordPress. Both of which I thought were pretty irrelevant to the course subject matter. However when I started looking into the intricacies of WordPress, I started seeing the possibilities for a new form of blogging. After losing interest in Gametrailers, I thought that WordPress would be a better place to house my thoughts and express my thoughts to the world, and so that’s where my journey began…

When I started on here I just started transferring old reviews from Gametrailers and reworked/updated them for this blog. But after a while my life in Sheffield and my uni course started giving me something to write about, sometimes even without me having to plan it and before I knew it blogging became my favourite thing to do. Eventually I blogged my than I did any of my other hobbies like drawing or playing video games. I actually dedicated so much time to blogging and sometimes refused to leave my room at my flat until my post was finished. That was how dedicated I was. I never knew writing about my own life would be so much fun, from talking about my nights out to my rant series I started talking about things that bug me. It was fun.

For the first few months I never really understood my addiction to blogging, it was just something I enjoyed doing. I liked blogging more than I did doing my own coursework from my animation course (and that was surprising). I think it was just like when I’m on YouTube where I have an opinion about something and like to share it with the world. I also really enjoyed the fact that people actually enjoyed what I wrote in their likes and comments on my blog posts. So when 2012 came around and I finally got around to watching films in the cinema again, I think that’s when things on here started to elevate. That’s when I really got into writing and creating work that was comprehensive and interesting to read. But I think the peak point of this blog was when I wrote about Kony back in March 2012, man, that just shot me into the stratosphere! One blog post got me over 1000 views in one day! I was blown away. And while I’ve never been able to recreate that success, it has been the one thing that made sure that I’d never quit blogging, ever.

Without Kony I wouldn’t have gotten all of those absurd amount of views back in March this year. So thanks Kony.

And what I really liked was at one point I got into a nice little groove and was posting every week posting 1-3 posts each week and I felt so hardcore and while I never had too many comments, I did get viewers. And to me the views was all that mattered. After the views I got from Kony 2012, I was addicted to success and was constantly needing views. Unfortunately success seems to be hard to come by. My views after May started to fluctuate and I started to get a little downhearted and for teh first time my blogging became very inconsisant. Eventually I stopped caring about blogging.

Though I thought to myself I couldn’t leave my blog completely, so then I went back in July and tried to make a comeback. And thanks to my newfound love for blogging and my constant time in the cinema, I always had something to write about. And while its been hard to continue when my viewing figures have not been anywhere near where they were back in May and June of this year, I preserve because I have so much more to write, talk and rant about.

So yeah that’s about it for now. All I want to say is thank you WordPress for giving me something to do in my spare time which made me feel like I was doing something useful. Here’s to another great year! 😀

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