Analysts Give Their Opinions On Wii U

19 Sep

To be honest as much as I hate to say it (being a Nintendo fanboy and all), I can see where some of these analysts are coming from. The Wii U so far looks like it’ll be a pretty interesting console when it arrives in November. It seems to have created a lot of buzz in recent times especially with both bundles going sold out a lot in America and few places over the UK too. But some don’t remain convinced, from fans to developers to analysts, some don’t believe that the console is anything special and while I love Nintendo and will probably will obtain a Wii U at some point I can’t help but hear what some of these analysts are saying here.

The Wii U, an eagerly anticipated console for some, though is it too expensive and does it need a price cut?

Wedbush Securities and DFC Intelligence do raise a pretty god point about the Wii U’s price and how it may have to have to cut after a while. And considering what happened to the 3DS I wouldn’t be too surprised. Now obviously the 3DS was a handheld console and didn’t have the software line-up that the 3DS did. But I was one of the people who bought the 3DS long after the price drop because the games that I wanted were available and much better than the 3DS’s launch titles and I believe I may do the same with the Wii U. The Wii U’s asking price I think is okay, though a tad unfair when converted from the price it costs in US dollars. I have no doubt that the console will sel well over the Christmas season because most things that come out around that period always do well, but after Microsoft and Sony get their acts together with their new consoles Nintendo may have to drop the price of the Wii U to make it look a little more appealing to casual audiences. The Wii worked well because it was not only a great gaming console with new gaming experiences, but it was also very affordable and I think the Wii U needs to be in the same affordable area too in order for sales to continue after the holiday season.

My Nintendo News

Video gaming website VGChartz has contacted a number of industry analyst to find out what they think to the Wii U now that Nintendo has revealed pricing, release date, and crucially, games. Most of the analyst seem impressed with what was announced, but there’s a few that expect a price cut next year just before Microsoft and Sony release their next generation consoles.

  • Wedbush Securities thinks the console will sell well through the holiday and could hit 7 million sold by March, but also warns that the company might have to cut the price before the 2013 holiday season to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s new releases.
  • DFC Intelligence thinks the price is a little too high to start with, and sees a price drop coming before the console is twelve months old.
  • Sterne Agee was impressed with the WiiU’s initial lineup, and thinks the console could sell one million…

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