My Response to My Favourite Version of James Bond

17 Sep

I found this article to be very interesting and great to read as I do love the James Bond films and there are always going to be occasions where you get asked which actor was your favourite version of the James Bond character. I like how in this article the writer brings some interesting and great points about each individual actor’s interpretation of the Bond character and the films that they were in. I’ve been watching Bond films since I was a kid and since then my interest in the Bond film series has grown and changed a great deal. At first Pierce Bronson was my favourite Bond because the way he looked, but as I grew up I came to appreciate Sean Connery and quickly became my favourite version of Bond. There was something about the way he moved and spoke that just screamed out ‘cool’ and sophisticated to me. He was just the pure awesomeness. At the same time I’ve come to like Roger Moore to some degree as Live and Let Die is one of my favourite Bond films. Obviously in more recent years I have gained a great appreciation for Daniel Craig especially after Casino Royale came out (one of my favourite films ever!). And if Skyfall is as good as I hope it’ll be and he does a few more films I think Craig will be my new favourite Bond. Only time will tell.

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Talking about James Bond in last weeks Radio Times, film critic Barry Norman made the statement: Ask anybody: who is your favourite James bond? I guarantee the answer will be the first one they ever saw”. I’m not sure if I am more discerning or just awkward, but it isn’t true of me. To the best of my knowledge and memory the first Bond I saw was Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. Moore is far from my favourite Bond, but I have recently come to the conclusion that I don’t know who my favourite Bond is! For years I have always claimed it is Sean Connery with the caveat that Timothy Dalton is the closest to the character from Ian Fleming’s novels.

I hold with the popular opinion that George Lazenby was the worst Bond, and this is a great shame as On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is…

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